Healthcare Edition July 2022

Today a person in a thousand cares about health by only going to the hospital and using grandma recipes of pot liquors. There is an enormous amount of information in the Internet network that constantly lures us to use it. But why we need it?

Technology trends in healthcare show that people want to treat the health problem with more responsibility. The first comer doctor’s credibility is not inviolable anymore, and critical faculty makes us find more information and alternatives.

Information technologies are evolving by leaps and bounds. Those things that were a science fiction yesterday, today are currently in use for a great while. Progress is growing exponentially, and technologies touch such an important factor, like human health. There is so much going on in the healthcare arena that the list is endless, to make matters simpler we bring forth some of the industries stalwarts who are creating a difference in the sector by offering innovative solutions.


Cover Story

Ambu USA | A Revolution in Healthcare Arena | Steven Block

Today’s healthcare arena faces numerous challenges, including patient safety, workflow, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, worker safety, and COVID-19. Reducing/eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and infection is an obvious challenge that single-use endoscopy tackles, but healthcare leaders have to answer other strategic and operational questions with subtle interpretations embedded therein,

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AiTmed | A Premier Telehealth Service Provider | Jimmy P Sharp | Gary Chen MD

Almost a decade ago, the US healthcare system was disrupted and broken. Despite a series of actions by the US government and its new policies, the healthcare system in the country has still not improved. Among the current challenges within the US Health Care delivery model (HCDM) are a single technology platform with the ability to transcend the combined storage and transmittal of medical data, physicians’ diagnosis notes, lab results, 2nd opinion, and intra/external network patient referrals that is immediate and available to patients, medical providers, and administrators while being secure, universal, and easy to use.

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Clinical Maestro by Strategikon Pharma | Anca Copaescu

Clinical business operations are responsible for critical clinical trial functions such as study planning and budgeting, outsourced services RFP generation, bid due to diligence, change order management, post-award contract budget and activity management (“Earned Value Analyses”), as well as vendor performance management and oversight. Over $64B of services are awarded annually and conventionally managed via manual, disconnected processes, unstandardized bid grids, and aged point solutions.

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DaySmart Appointments | Streamlining Scheduling Process | Patrick Shanahan

In order to thrive in this digital world, healthcare practitioners must provide convenience with state-of-the-art care. When delivery of care is inadequately coordinated, the patient-provider relationship can suffer, leading to a poor healthcare experience. A survey has found that the lack of a simplified way to access health can complicate matters of care delivery.

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Innovu | Offering Transparency & Accountability | Hugh O’Toole

The lack of transparency in healthcare is by far the greatest challenge in the U.S. today. Every day, average American citizens are experiencing the burden of cost in an opaque market. The average healthcare spend per person is more than $12,000, a majority of disposable income. According to 2021 statistics, nearly 65% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical debt.

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