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The Layoff: COVID-19

The Layoff: COVID-19

March 26, 2020: As COVID has struck badly in manufacturing, construction, travel, retail and many more industries the companies have been closed from weeks where work from home is never an option and this has indulged in lack of cash flow within the organization and has made companies to layoff employees as it is difficult to handle without the cash in hand of an organization.

There are few organizations who have already announced the layoff and here is the list accordingly:

  • President Trumps hotel in Washington and New York, Las Vegas etc has laid off 211 people
  • 1200 workers were laid off from OTG
  • Workers has been laid off from Orlando, Philadelphia airport
  • Oglebay Resort and conference center has laid off 60 employees on last Friday
  • Hollywood talent agency Paradigm has laid off 100 employee and have reduced payroll for other 500 employees
  • Air Canada has laid off 5,100 employees last week
  • The Metropolitan Opera have laid off its union employees including the singer
  • The International Alliance of Theatrical stage employee had 120,000 jobs for film workers, technicians, artists etc
  • Pebbelbrrok Hotel test with 54 hotels across Unites states have laid off 8000 employees
  • Compass coffee in Washington has laid off 150-189 employees on Tuesday
  • Eatwell DC a restaurant group has laid off 160 employees on Saturday
  • Dixons Carphone has laid of 2900 employees on Tuesday

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