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DaySmart Appointments | Streamlining Scheduling Process | Patrick Shanahan

DaySmart Appointments | Streamlining Scheduling Process| Patrick Shanahan

Patrick Shanahan


In order to thrive in this digital world, healthcare practitioners must provide convenience with state-of-the-art care. When delivery of care is inadequately coordinated, the patient-provider relationship can suffer, leading to a poor healthcare experience. A survey has found that the lack of a simplified way to access health can complicate matters of care delivery. Online management of appointments and schedules is the simplest way of ensuring that your clinic or hospital helps patients use your services effectively and reduce no-shows. With DaySmart Appointments, the healthcare industry can streamline the booking process so patients can schedule appointments when it’s most convenient for them, and offices can efficiently book appointments and centralize appointment management.

DaySmart Appointments is an end-to-end appointment scheduling solution with over 20 years in the software space. The company is known to create a reliable, seamless experience for appointment scheduling that streamlines the customers’ operations and improves the end-user experience. DaySmart Appointments is making wonderful strides under the aegis of CEO Patrick Shanahan, whose drive and determination have permeated the company culture for a creative environment where employees live out their values to work together on exceeding the goals they set and challenge their ideas of what is possible. His passion for the company and the employees can be felt across the organization and motivates team members to create the best scheduling experience for the customers.

Customizable Solutions

DaySmart Appointments knows that every practice’s needs are unique to them. Their customizable solution is helping practices improve the booking experience for their patients while centralizing the appointment scheduling process so they can gather essential information without the manual work. Streamlining appointment scheduling makes it easier for practices to manage appointments based on location, time, and physician availability. “We’re also helping the industry reduce no-show rates by automating the reminder process and helping them stay connected with customers on important practice updates through marketing capabilities,” says Patrick. “Our powerful API allows DaySmart Appointments to be integrated into current systems (ERP, EMR, CRM, to name a few) providing a seamless experience for the backend users. The API also provides the ability for DaySmart Appointments to partner with companies serving the healthcare market.”

By making scheduling seamless and virtual, healthcare practices ensure more positive patient experiences from the get-go. It is pertinent to mention that patients want to schedule appointments when convenient for them, which often falls outside of practice business hours. By incorporating online appointment scheduling into the booking process, customers can schedule anytime from any device without long hold times on the phone. They will also receive appointment reminders and not accidentally miss a necessary appointment.

The healthcare scheduling system helps manage intake forms, insurance information, medical paperwork, and other notes. DaySmart Appointments is HIPAA compliant which helps address the security compliance aspect with stored records/data received through their solutions. With document uploads available during the scheduling process, users can streamline information stored to the patient’s profile, holding all data in one secure location. Customer experience is key to business success and growth, and many are turning to self-service technologies to interact with customers 24/7. “We’re providing the healthcare industry with quick wins by making appointment booking faster and more convenient,” adds Patrick.

Boosting Productivity

DaySmart Appointments is making inefficient booking a thing of the past. By streamlining the booking process, practices are boosting productivity and improving patient satisfaction, the company has culminated into one of the most sought-after solution providers. “When our clients leverage the many different configuration options our solution offers in conjunction with our proven API, it helps deliver more valued services to their patients,” explains Patrick. “Giving them a dedicated database as an option particularly helps address the unique and ever stringent compliance requirements for healthcare. Having their data isolated while using a SaaS provider helps separate us from others in our industry who may not offer this as an option.”

When working with the healthcare industry, most of DaySmart Appointments customers come to them with problems like:

  1. Manually book appointments on pen and paper which takes hours to find practitioners’ availability.
  2. Decentralized scheduling across locations. So, there is little to no visibility into appointment availability across locations and physicians.
  3. Bad patient experience because of the wait time to schedule an appointment over the phone.
  4. Not having a great way to notify their patients of their upcoming appointments or, when an appointment is changed for any reason.


After they started to use DaySmart Appointments, the customers have:

  1. Created appointment-setting procedures, so the process is the same across employees and locations.
  2. Decreased no-shows with automated email and text reminders and confirmations about upcoming appointments.
  3. Improved visibility into patient appointment history, cancellations and other important information.
  4. Centralized and streamlined appointment booking so receptionists can easily find appointment availability.
  5. Freed up hours of staff time that was previously devoted to manually scheduling and confirming appointments so they can focus on more important tasks.
  6. Improved the patient experience because they can schedule when it’s most convenient for them and remind them about appointments.

Towards the Future

DaySmart Appointments continues to improve its solution to manage appointments easier for their customers. “We continue to look for ways to create a better user experience for our customers and their patients. Recently, we’ve improved our SMS management and are in the process of giving our reporting functionality a new look and feel. We’ve made investments in the technology division of our business and look forward to taking DaySmart Appointments to the next level,” elucidates Patrick.

When clients subscribe to the DaySmart Appointments solution, they not only get software but they get the human aspect. Patrick and his team have heard, time and time again, that DaySmart Appointments’ years of experience and best practices consultative approach to the sales process, onboarding, and continuing support is unique in the industry. “On top of this, we are complying annually with our SOC 2 Type II audits and certifications, avoiding costly and high-profile data breaches. It is a great time to start scheduling appointments with DaySmart!”

DaySmart Appointments Award

" Our powerful API allows DaySmart Appointments to be integrated into current systems (ERP, EMR, CRM, to name a few) providing a seamless experience for the backend users . "

Patrick Shanahan


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