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Clinical Maestro by Strategikon Pharma | Anca Copaescu

Clinical Maestro by Strategikon Pharma | Anca Copaescu

Anca Copaescu

Founder & CEO

Clinical business operations are responsible for critical clinical trial functions such as study planning and budgeting, outsourced services RFP generation, bid due to diligence, change order management, post-award contract budget and activity management (“Earned Value Analyses”), as well as vendor performance management and oversight. Over $64B of services are awarded annually and conventionally managed via manual, disconnected processes, unstandardized bid grids, and aged point solutions. This results in substantial delays in study start-up, budget overruns in excess of 15% per contract, increased execution risk due to data silos and absence of easy- to- access analytics and high cost of maintain labor-based infrastructure. Sponsor and CRO frustrations, combined with sub-par communication and lack of standardization in business processes hinder clinical partners from collaborating transparently and accessing one of most valuable intelligence sources: their rich data trove of historical operational and cost drivers.


Clinical Maestro® is a modern technology platform built explicitly for clinical trials’ complex outsourcing transactions and business performance metrics. It is a best-in-class tool for biopharmaceutical, CRO, and service provider professionals who support clinical trial budgeting, proposal, contracting, and vendor management. It expedites workflows and efficiencies across the planning, execution, and management of clinical trials for both Sponsors and Providers. The modular approach minimizes disruption by allowing you to implement the software in phases to benefit your unique requirements. Strategikon’s highly responsive Services and Support team is always available to guide users through implementation and help extract the maximum benefits of the software platform.

A Great Technology Platform

Clinical Maestro is designed for complex business operations transactions and performance metrics specific to pharma R&D, especially clinical trials. It is a best-in-class tool for professionals who support clinical trial budgeting, proposal, contracting, or vendor management.

The breadth and seamless nature of the system eliminate time-consuming, non-standardized document handovers between stakeholders and manual due diligence and budgeting activities, leading to over 95% gains in team efficiency and output accuracy Its intuitive flow and database structure completely remove frustrating version control issues and manual human errors, while its elegant design and UI make it a great experience to operate.  

Strategikon’s Clinical Maestro application is unique in the industry being the sole application to tackle all major points in the clinical business operations vertical in a modular fashion, with end-to-end workflows and backed by proprietary data intelligence and predictive analytics. Prior attempts to resolve pain points in R&D business processes were focused on single point solutions, or adaptations of generic systems. Both approaches failed to address modern users technological needs, have high maintenance costs and aged or not-fit-for-purpose user interface.

In contrast, Clinical Maestro was built from ground-up with the biopharma and R&D service provider experience in mind. The majority of Strategikon team has had at least 10 years of experience in the industry and would have been prime users or Clinical Maestro in their respective roles. Using a customer-led product development approach we are incorporating expert feedback into every feature we release and are translating our user centric roadmap into frequent releases. This approach is giving us the agility and adaptability to market conditions and every changing outsourcing models creating a distinctive advantage not only as a solution provider for clinical business operations, but for R&D management in general.

Simplifying Work

Clinical Maestro solves two crucial risks and pain points for clinical business operations. First, it replaces cumbersome and error-prone Excel spreadsheets with a modern, secure, collaborative technology platform. Second, the platform connects outsourcing processes from planning to bidding to contracting, improving efficiency, reducing cost, and maximizing tracking and analytical insights.

Unique to Clinical Maestro:

An end-to-end approach that connects sponsors with service providers and internal organizational functions from clinical outsourcing to finance R&D, clinical operations, and project management. At the heart of Clinical Maestro’s innovation is a connectivity platform that brings together pharmaceutical sponsors with clinical service providers for greater transparency and collaboration.

A powerful modeling engine that consistently delivers greater than 95%budget accuracy and process efficiencyReliable study modeling is further augmented using data-driven analytics to generate substantial savings in effort and negotiated costs during the bidding process.

Inherent tracking of the study budgets from awarded contracts and conversion into reportable unit reporting for reforecasting and accrual management with zero data re-entry or reconciliation.

Proprietary databank of crucial industry data related to the sourcing and operational models, resource allocations, regulatory and location specific intelligence that give Clinical Maestro the net advantage of expediting data-driven decisions and analytics.

Strategikon works with the clients in a multi-disciplinary way. “We pride ourselves in personalized customer service delivery and high availability, and we are invested in our customers’ success. We find that customers need the “speed” in delivery above everything else,” adds Anca Copaescu, the CEO of Strategikon.

The success stories of this approach abound. For a leading biotech customer, Clinical Maestro reduced the time to plan and budget studies from quote “3 weeks to 12 minutes”. Leading pharma companies trust Clinical Maestro to source complex studies to strategic partners, leveraging technology to support sourcing performance oversight and streamline internal processes. Smaller biotechs have used Clinical Maestro to support R&D partnership negotiations with top pharma, or for fund raising. Highly reputable VCs have also used Clinical Maestro intelligence to support investment due diligence. In a recently published case study, a customer saved more than $800K in a single sourcing event involving multiple CROs and was able to complete the RFP to award process in a quarter of the time that normally takes in clinical outsourcing.

Ultimately, we measure our success through Return on Investment and our customers consistently report ROI in excess of 10 times the technology investment. This is the metric we are most proud of because it speaks to the value Clinical Maestro delivers across the entire vertical of business operations.

Towards the Future

It is pertinent to mention that Strategikon is progressing on several fronts and leveraging a customer-led product advancement approach: ourcustomers are leading their roadmap. The company has a very engaged user community that contributed to over 300 ideas alone in the last 18 months. “With a fast paced 3-4 major releases a year scheduled, we are pouring in new features almost quarterly. There are many exciting features and new products in the works- such as total outsourced cost management, including site cost benchmarking, vendor governance and performance metrics tracking. Keep watching out for our releases!”

Clinical Maestro by Strategikon Pharma Award

" We pride ourselves in personalized customer service delivery and high availability, and we are invested in our customers’ success. We find that customers need the “speed” in delivery above everything else. "

Anca Copaescu

Founder & CEO

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