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Hallmark Health Care Solutions | Simply Intelligent: Solving the Challenges of Healthcare Administration | Isaac Ullatil

Hallmark Health Care Solutions | Simply Intelligent: Solving the Challenges of Healthcare Administration | Isaac Ullatil

Isaac Ullatil

Co-founder & CEO

Today’s healthcare industry is navigating multiple crises – the effects of not-so-new workforce trends that were dangerously exacerbated by the pandemic. Chief among those challenges: skyrocketing costs driven by huge increases in premium labor with no end in sight. Making matters worse, many nurses, physicians, and other providers are thinking about leaving their employers or the profession altogether, signaling that demand for staff will continue outpacing supply for years to come.

Most hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and others are unequipped to deal with these issues. They lack the visibility needed into real-time labor, compensation, and utilization data to make well-informed decisions. Deep analytics aren’t possible with spreadsheets, manual processes, and organizational fault lines like disparate systems and siloed communication channels. Lack of technology integration intensifies workflow challenges and visibility barriers, making these pressing problems even harder to solve.

Healthcare organizations cannot overcome these challenges with the status quo – the conventional ways of viewing and managing the workforce are now obsolete. That’s where Hallmark Health Care Solutions (HHCS) comes in. As a leading-edge health technology partner, HHCS empowers administrators and the workforce to align like never before.

The company’s flagship solution suite, Einstein II, creates much-needed workforce sustainability in today’s turbulent labor environment. The Einstein II platform includes two primary products:

  • Einstein II Internal Resource Pool– builds and optimizes float pools, effectively creating a high-performance internal agency for better fill rates at lower labor spend; and
  • Einstein II Vendor Managed Solution &Support – modernizes and streamlines all aspects of agency labor and vendor management when external staffing is needed.

Additionally, through Heisenberg II, healthcare organizations can automate and streamline provider compensation and contract management. Real-time data collection, analysis, and reporting combine with smart automation in this suite’s two primary products:

  • Heisenberg II Physician Compensation– eliminates errors, reduces manual effort, and measures the success of provider compensation against organizational goals; and
  • Heisenberg II Contract Management– centralizes and automates the contracting process, reducing recruitment delays and closing the gap between contracts and compensation.

Transforming Employment Models

One major driver behind nurses migrating from hospital employment to staffing agencies is the pursuit of greater flexibility. Many nurses leave rigid health system structures for the freedom to choose when, where, how often, and how long they work. Einstein II offers the tools and expertise to optimize the ability to attract, recruit, and retain nurses and other clinicians who want greater control over their schedules and work/life balance.

It is a genuine game-changer when healthcare organizations can meet the new and increasing demands of “gig-style” agency employment. Doing so opens a direct pathway to expedited time-to-fill, lower costs, improved resource utilization, higher productivity, increased patient volume, and healthy revenue. “Our clients typically save twenty percent on agency spend in the first year, and collective savings to date by Einstein II users is in the hundreds of millions. One client alone realized $40 million in savings in the fiscal year 2021,” says Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HHCS, Isaac Ullatil.

In another example, a Michigan-based health system generated astonishing financial performance using Einstein II Internal Resource Pool to overcome its staffing struggles. As reported by the director of that program: “We’re probably saving about $50 an hour as compared to agency. We’re then saving $13.5 million net for the system.”

Transitioning to Value-Based Provider Compensation

On the provider side, compensation models are evolving rapidly as the healthcare industry (1) seeks to reduce physician abrasion and burnout, and (2) transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care, whereby claim reimbursement (and therefore, provider compensation) varies according to care quality and outcomes. No matter the drivers, appropriately compensating and engaging providers in value-based care goes beyond money. Building trust through technology-enabled transparency, accuracy, agility, and compliance is also important.

Therein lies the transformational power of Heisenberg II. It is true innovation that enables healthcare organizations to retain top physicians and advanced practice providers who trust they are compensated accurately and are financially incentivized to drive optimal outcomes and reimbursements.

In-Depth Expertise & Knowledge

While other firms can solve some of these challenges, only HHCS offers complete, end-to-end technology that integrates with existing systems for a single source of truth in the workforce, compensation, and contract management.

The company’s in-depth expertise and domain knowledge also set their solutions apart from the competition. The team behind HHCS understands the challenges healthcare organizations face because they have walked in their clients’ shoes and tackled those same hurdles, both with and without Einstein II and Heisenberg II. HHCS’s technology and hands-on experts have enhanced hundreds of workforce and compensation models for healthcare organizations. They are always up to date on the latest approaches to workforce management and provider compensation planning and administration. “Much more than a technology vendor, we serve as a partner in our customers’ success,” adds Ullatil.

Client-Focused Scalability & Expansion

HHCS is continuously expanding its platform capabilities through product enhancements, increased configurability, new interfaces, and much more. The Einstein II solution recently expanded its services to support hospital HR and Finance teams in ensuring credentialing documents are in place, reviewing and approving timesheets, and automating invoices. These additional layers of built-in support enable healthcare organizations to insource administrative tasks without increasing workload, ultimately unlocking greater visibility and control.  

The firm’s expansion of labor sourcing services across clinical and non-clinical talent areas has also spurred growth in new markets such as long-term care, home health, and even non-healthcare companies seeking to access improved labor supply. The future looks bright for HHCS – and its clients. Through the convenience of AI-driven, cloud-based solutions, HHCS delivers simply intelligent innovation that yields far-reaching benefits and substantial returns.

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" Much more than a technology vendor, we serve as a partner in our customers’ success. "

Isaac Ullatil

Co-founder & CEO

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