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New York, California and Washington: Government to pay the Troops

New York, California and Washington: Government to pay the Troops

March 23, 2020: Corona Virus is the one to be fought against and the government has deployed National guards Troops in New York, Washington and California. The Government will pay for the deployed security guards said Donal Trump.

  1. National guards will remain deployed in the states under the command of the governor and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will pay the entire cost.
  2. The state governments has requested for such process as this will help the state government to use those funds to fight against corona virus outbreak.
  3. The troops has been already operating in California and a total of 5500 troops has been called in the other two states by Monday
  4. The use of troops is in the hands of governor the California state has allocated to help the food banks and Florida is using the troops to setup the testing centers

“The national guard is a viable and responsible avenue to provide a much-needed asset that is state managed and federally supported. And I want to be clear, this Title 32 activation does not federalize national guard members. The national guard is still under the authority of each governor and they will work in consort will the Department of Defense. We’ve had a lot of disinformation circling so I want to make clear that this is not martial law,” said a FEMA official at the White House press conference.

It is also said that there will be a unit of medical unit with 2000 beds be sent to California, a unit of 1,000 bed be sent to New York and two small units of total 1,000 beds will be sent to Washington to fight against Corona and get it controlled. Trump face backlash for not taking necessary measures and for not allocating required resources across the nation

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