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Almost a decade ago, the US healthcare system was disrupted and broken. Despite a series of actions by the US government and its new policies, the healthcare system in the country has still not improved. Among the current challenges within the US Health Care delivery model (HCDM) are a single technology platform with the ability to transcend the combined storage and transmittal of medical data, physicians’ diagnosis notes, lab results, 2nd opinion, and intra/external network patient referrals that is immediate and available to patients, medical providers, and administrators while being secure, universal, and easy to use.

AiTMed is an enterprise-ready platform uniquely delivering transformative business value across the patient/physician lifecycle. AiTMed combines unrivaled AI technology by allowing patients to access board-certified physicians remotely, 24/7, anytime, anywhere (telemedicine); offered through a Web3 secured technology platform for HIPAA-compliancy via end-user-enabled mobile devices (blockchain). With a seamless connection to medical care providers, with accurate, access to up-to-date patient data, medical prognosis, past medical histories, medical prescriptions with intelligent analysis of individual health trends and conditions, identifying problems early on (Artificial Intelligence); in a single intelligence-driven platform.

Unlike other technology providers, AiTMed’s approach was to create a platform “built by doctors” for “doctors”; to address the gaps and disconnect in our current health care delivery model. Founded in 2018 in Orange County, California. AiTMed recognized that healthcare records managed by different medical facilities are extremely isolated and that access to patients’ healthcare documentation is inconvenient for providers who are required to cross facilities’ boundaries, making the continuity of patient care highly obstructive and significantly delayed.

Industry-Leading Platform

Because existing software tools and techniques were found to be inadequate, AiTMed set out to pioneer and architect an industry-leading, disruptive, AI-powered platform secured by Web3 blockchain technology. Edge-Computing Operating System (ECOS) and the first bionic programming language, NOODL, allowed for a more unified developing process across multiple computing platforms, such as Windows, Android, and IOS.

 The AiTMed platform leverages Web3 blockchain technology to encrypt and assign access rights to each, and every block of information exchanged within the system. This provides the ultimate security and privacy (like that offered by cryptocurrencies) and results in a telehealth platform that is convenient and secure to meet HIPAA compliance.

 AiTMed leverages blockchain security and their own ECOS (Edge Computing Operation System) OS technology where each party can store and share private notes on a highly secure domain/database and distributed public ledger system, like Bitcoin. This revolutionary telehealth technology will enable the medical community to share information in a secure private setting integrated directly with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems throughout the continuum of care process for the consumer/patient/insurance companies/medical providers or any third parties involved in the care.

Creating Seamless Experience

Engagement…distributed care…a decentralized care model is at the core of AiTMed’s drive to create a seamless delivery system without walls. Web3 and blockchain is about portability; shifting inpatient visits to more outpatient and digital management can transform care delivery. AiTMed’s seamless integration across health systems’ & ability to integrate patient care inside and outside the current medical delivery systems through a blockchain underlying architecture will optimize the flow of patient data and increase clinician and resource efficiency to enable care delivery across physical boundaries. This portability allows physicians to maximize continued care through immediate access to a patient’s medical records, past physician notes, diagnosis, & 2nd opinions via the use of mobile technology and devices.

By strengthening interoperability and connectivity through AiTMed’s platform by driving data collection, aggregation, and connectivity–across traditional (institutional) and non-traditional (wearables, retail) sources—can provide the capabilities and flexibility health systems need to deliver the right care at the right place at the right time.

Fulfilling Client Needs

Imagine AiTMed’s Closed-loop medical visit…Your patient journey begins with a (digital) Personal Medical Assistant (PMA)…”KRIS” assisting you in your set up of your account. Through OCR technology built directly into the system, AiTMed will populate your personal record fields through a picture taken from your mobility device. Each patient will be assigned a unique identifier number to begin their digital medicine journey. The AiTMed eFullfillment Store will provide (3) options for VITAL kits based upon the level of care required. The patient takes their VITALS, and the physician visit begins. During the diagnosis, all notes and prescription notes are taken by the platform and can be accessed by the patient.

Upon completion of their visit, physician-recommended “continued care” products connected by Smart-device “VITAL” kits, such as activity trackers, wireless blood pressure monitors, and scales integrated within the platform be provided as an option to purchase by their patients. Patients who have high blood pressure and/or Type 2 diabetes, from the convenience of their homes can remain connected to AiTMed’s roster of board-certified physicians, and the dedicated care team will be able to provide prompt diagnostics over remote distances and improved access to care by all medical professionals within the network.

Each PMA will monitor their patients in their customer journey throughout the lifecycle within AiTMed’s intelligence platform. Continued care with AiTMed eCommerce fulfillment will offer the latest in cutting-edge, interactive health technology to help consumers seamlessly manage their health and wellness. Powered through AI-based algorithms backed by medical specialists in each of their distinct medical specialties, the state-of-the-art app will allows patients to test drive more than 100 AiTMed-approved health apps that focus on wellness, nutrition, fitness, diabetes, women’s health, regenerative medicine, mental health therapy, alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), smoking cessation and more.

This is just one example where the world for care providers is seamless. AiTMed’s platform has much more to offer.

On a recent medical mission to Kuwait, AiTMed met with several members of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to outline the benefits of Telemedicine. AiTMed is one of the platforms being considered as its “remote health platform” initiative as Kuwait City strives to establish itself as the premier medical delivery hub for the Middle East and Africa region.

Due to AiTMed’s underlying blockchain-encryption secure technology, senior health officials from Mexico, the Philippines and other prominent countries have approached AiTMed to create a cutting-edge, AI-integrated telehealth platform allowing patients to readily access US board-certified physicians remotely, 24/7 anytime, anywhere and address the gaps and disconnect in their current medical delivery system.

" Engagement…distributed care…a decentralized care model is at the core of AiTMed’s drive to create a seamless delivery system without walls. "

Gary Chen MD


Jimmy P Sharp