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Cyber Threats: Pharmaceutical companies the Target

Cyber Threats: Pharmaceutical companies the Target

May 12, 2020: The world is fighting against corona to mitigate the damage, but the cybercriminals are attacking the Pharmaceutical companies. Trying to gather information about the patient and the reports which are saved on the platform.

Pharmaceutical companies are not so lucky as there have been major attacks from hackers. The pharmaceutical company ExecuPharm was the victim of such an attack in March. The company addressed saying they saw driving licenses, financial information, and other social security information updated on the dark web.

The attacked group interacting with the bleeping computer said that the Pharmaceutical companies similar to ExecuPharm are in good profit in this pandemic makes them a fair game and would be attacking similar companies whereas they did mention that they have not attacked any hospital, nursing home, etc.

The risk has been increased due to a large number of people are working from home. This is making the hackers much easier as the security of each computer from home would be a difficult task to work on.

There is always a way out says the cyber expert to protect the data of the Pharmaceutical companies, as there are many ways to encrypt the data and the companies can save all the databases which are of utmost importance.



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