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The YouTube star can be the lifesaver robot helping doctors “BigDog”

The YouTube star can be the lifesaver robot helping doctors “BigDog”

May 16, 2020: Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot will be the most famous robot of all time. The first video of the four-legged robot called BigDog was updated on YouTube 10 years ago from the Massachusetts based robotic company.  Where we could see the four-legged robot is kicked and pushed and, it remained to stay and maintain the balance made the company get many followers.

The video did invite a total of 1.7 million followers where people are applauding and praising the extreme robotics from the company. The CEO also addressed saying the robots were not meant to be famous it accidentally happened.

The CEO also mentioned initially they did not have much idea and released a few videos online grabbed some positive responses from their competitors and investors.

From September the robots are more in use outside the lab, they are lending the robots to work in oil rigs to maintain law enforcement and also in construction sites where the human touch is very dangerous.

  In an interview, they also addressed saying they have not deployed any robots as of now in any hospital even though there were many numbers of inbound calls and inquiries of robots in the hospital. They are still in conversation with more potential prospects and shall get it on board soon. The doctors and healthcare staffs are very much responsive involving robots in the workplace. However, even though they request to have the robots right now is not practically possible as it has to go through the board approval and also some legal terms and conditions.

The company is at the forefront in helping every possible way for human safety and also for various other industrial uses.

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