Lake Companies | Making Manufacturing Easier…Forever! | Greg Lake

The Lake Companies knows that to achieve best practices, specific daily business processes must happen and be done as simply as possible, even without human effort. “That’s how we develop our ERP software products. We strive to completely transform internal business processes and revolutionize the user experience with our software,” says Greg Lake, President of The Lake Companies. “Building the support for best practices in our software allows our customers to achieve far more than they anticipated, while paving the way for growth into advanced IoT and Industry 4.0 technologies.

ArtiFlex Manufacturing | A Leader In Engineered Solutions | Erin Hoffmann

ArtiFlex Manufacturing is a premier resource for design, tooling, prototyping, automation, past model service, factory assist, and low volume tooling/production solutions. The team consists of passionate high-performance people organized in a lean fashion. The company partners with their customers to implement innovative tooling and manufacturing solutions while managing their complex programs.