CalFoods Logistics | Making A Difference for those in Need | Steve Linkhart

Steve Linkhart, CEO of CalFoods Logistics, believes that he possesses one quality that sets the tone for CalFoods Logistics. “When we hire a new team member, there are clear responsibilities that need to be accomplished. Once we hire, train, and let that person take the ownership of the job, we allow them to do their job,” he explains. “We are always there to assist of course, but I feel that people get a sense of ownership of their role when they are allowed to do so.

Innovana Solutions | Leading with Determination & Commitment | Mitch McDermid

When Mitch McDermid launched Innovana, he had an evident vision of what he wanted the company to look like and what it could offer that was different from existing IT services and consulting firms. There was a clear need for a cloud-based services and business automation solutions provider that would address the needs of SMBs both from a pricing and service standpoint in Canada. Mitch and his team have been laser-focused on serving that niche.

Arete Wealth | Offering Excellence & Virtue | Joshua D. Rogers

A forward thinker, Joshua D. Rogers is always focused on the future. His vision was to introduce a smart, sophisticated approach to investing and wealth building. Since founding Arete Wealth in 2007, he’s done just that. Joshua’s brought an endowment-style of asset allocation to a broader audience of investors. From hedge funds to bespoke investments, his dream was to bring a new perspective to investing. Arete Wealth is the embodiment of that vision: a dynamic, energetic, comprehensive wealth management firm focused on the future.

OnView Integrated Solutions | The Guardian Angel | Joel Anaya

Joel Anaya, CEO of OnView Integrated Solutions, has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up. His innovation and vision transformed the way the company has scaled its business. OnView is a security provider bringing proactive solutions specifically designed to deter suspicious behavior in real-time before the crime occurs. He is a passionate crime fighter and integrator with a law enforcement background and a security technology background.

Western Development Museum | Creating Health, Happiness & Community Cohesion | Joan Kanigan

Joan Kanigan, CEO of the Western Development Museum (WDM), took an extraordinarily unique yet bold step as a leader in 2021. She initiated a 360o Performance Assessment to better understand how she was performing and where she needed to improve—all through an honest and critical feedback system to know where she was standing as a leader and a manager.

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank | San Diego County’s Leading Hunger-Relief Organization | James A. Floros

“The efficiency and effectiveness that is required in the for-profit sector is even more important in the nonprofit sector because you are doing more with less, with less staff and less resources,” he explains. “Three to four weeks into the pandemic, I realized how well our organization was doing and I realized it was because of the work we had done in building an organization based on excellence.”

Campagna Academy | Changing Young Lives, Daily | Elena Dwyre

Society calls them “at-risk,” “delinquent,” or “troubled.” At Campagna Academy, they have always been called by name. Founded over 70 years ago as Hoosier Boys’ Town, Campagna Academy today restores the hopes and dreams of over 500 youths and families per year. Campagna is a 501c3, non-profit, social services agency licensed by the Indiana Department of Child Services and accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc (COA) and CARF International accredits their residential programs. Campagna Academy’s life-changing programs strengthen and reunite families, allowing young men and women to make positive life changes that lead to social responsibility and personal success.

The Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce | Supporting Businesses with Powerful Advocacy | David Duplisea

David Duplisea took the reins at the Saint John Board of Trade just about ten years ago. Previous boards of Directors had discussed the possibility of partnering with the region’s Chambers and business associations to create a single organization. David’s first task as the CEO was to rebrand the legacy institution as a regional Chamber and merge four organizations into one from financial, by-laws, membership, and brand perspectives.

Urban League Of Greater Chattanooga | A Driver Of Change | Candy C. Johnson​

Before taking on the helm of the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga as its first female President and CEO, Candy Johnson served in a variety of leadership roles. Ranging from being the youngest-ever elected City Council member in her hometown at the age of 25 years old, to running a successful non-profit education foundation, serving as policy director at a Chamber of Commerce, to senior advisor to the Mayor of Chattanooga, and as an independent consultant for non-profits and business organizations.