One80 Intermediaries | Keeping American Families Safe | Martin Burlingame

While only one in ten homes throughout the United States has flood insurance coverage, floods are the country’s most common and deadli-est natural disaster. Since 2000, they have cost American taxpayers $850 billion, two-thirds of the total cost of all natural disasters, yet only 1 out of 10 homes are insured for flood, and that number could soon be reduced.

DistriBind | A Game-changer for Insurance Industry | Dave Connors

Insurance companies are rapidly facing the challenge of a need for more data visibility and delays across the reporting chain. This primarily occurs as most of the policy, premium & claim data reported are by spreadsheet, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to process it manually. distriBind is on the mission to eliminate tiresome bordereaux and allow for the seamless data flow between MGAs, insurers, and re-insurers.

Hokodo | Transforming Traditional Business Insurance | Louis Carbonnier

Hokodo is a fintech startup that uses innovative technology to develop insurance and finance solutions that protect companies participating in B2B trade. Through its APIs, Hokodo empowers its distribution partners to offer simple contextual insurance products at the point of transaction, thereby bridging the gap between financial services and corporate clients.