Smoothest Checkout Experience | Abhinai Srivastava

Mashgin, an acronym for “mash-up of general intelligence,” builds smart kiosks that offer self-checkouts in more than 1000 locations, no barcode or scanning required. The easy-to-install countertop system, includes multiple cameras that build a three-dimensional understanding of objects, regardless of item or placement of packaging. Mashgin’s computer vision AI can identify packaged products as well as food on a plate enabling customers at retail stores, stadium concessions and cafeterias to pay-and-go up to 10 times faster than at a traditional cashier.

Creating Extraordinary Brand Engagement | Mike Willough

With the rapid acceleration of eCommerce demand, particularly during the pandemic, consumer expectations have become increasingly challenging for retailers. Not only do online retailers have to balance frequently unpredictable shifts in demand across channels, but to capture and retain consumer loyalty, they must always support consumer expectations for premier service.