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BMW establishes a protest fleet of hydrogen automobiles that use fuel cells from Toyota

February 28, 2023: -On Monday, the BMW Group launched a pilot fleet of hydrogen vehicles. The German automotive colossus’s CEO called hydrogen “the absent piece in the jigsaw when it is related to emission-free mobility.”

The BMW iX5 Hydrogen, using fuel cells started by Toyota and has a top speed of over 112 miles per hour, is being put jointly at a facility in Munich.

The car stores hydrogen in dual tanks and can be filled up in almost four minutes. BMW stated that it has an area of 313 miles in the Harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure cycle.

It enters service in 2023, although the rollout scale is small, with “100 cars” to have experimented for trial and its destination for target groups.

BMW Chair Oliver Zipse stated that hydrogen was “a versatile energy place that has a key part to play in the energy transition process and, therefore, in climate protection.”

Hydrogen is “one of the most efficient ways of storing and transporting renewable energies.”

“We should use this potential also to accelerate the transformation of the mobility sector,” Zipse said.

“Hydrogen is the remaining piece in the jigsaw when it comes to emission-free mobility.”

“One technology alone will not be done to enable climate-neutral mobility worldwide.”

As explained by the International Energy Agency, like a “versatile energy holder,” hydrogen has a variety of different apps and can be deployed in sectors like industry and transport.

BMW is one of many automotive companies continuing to look into the potential of hydrogen. Different include Toyota and Hyundai, while smaller businesses like Riversimple also work on hydrogen-powered cars.

Hydrogen has its backers, but high-profile figures from the automotive industry must be aware.

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BMW establishes a protest fleet of hydrogen automobiles that use fuel cells from Toyota