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Game-changing Capital Initiatives | Ricardo Pero

Ricardo Pero


E-commerce has travelled a long way in the past decade, but there are still several trials facing businesses in the industry. One of the biggest issues facing e-commerce businesses in 2023 is the increasing competition. With more and more companies entering the market, it cannot be easy to stand out and attract customers. This is particularly true for small businesses, which may need help to compete with larger companies’ marketing budgets and resources. Consumer behavior is another challenge; as more and more people shop online, they have come to expect a seamless, personalized experience. Businesses will need to invest in technology and data analytics to understand their customers better and deliver the kind of personalized experience that they are looking for.

New York-based SellersFunding is a global financial technology company aiming to empower e-commerce sellers’ growth by providing the most comprehensive suite of financial solutions. In today’s digital world, e-commerce is unquestionably reshaping the retail industry, and small and medium e-commerce businesses operating in this space are the leading force in driving this change. As entrepreneurs pave the way for new brands and unique business opportunities are created, it’s only natural that a need for a tailored financial infrastructure emerges – and that’s where Sellers Funding comes in.

The company’s digital platform delivers a suite of financial solutions that helps e-commerce businesses to grow—whether they are looking to get capital to scale business, launch new products and expand into new markets, or a cash management solution to help improve operational performance—making life easier for e-commerce business owners. SellersFunding understands that the clients are entrepreneurs, not algorithms, so they offer various solutions and tailor those to the needs of each particular client. “We partner with merchants to understand what matters to them and to find the right solution that respects their goals and resources. We offer funding, flexible repayment options to account for supply chain lead times (IO period), data insights, hands-on account management, cross-border expansion products, and more – all in one integrated platform,” says Ricardo Pero, CEO SellersFunding. He fosters a customer-centric philosophy that positions SellersFunding as a true partner in clients’ success, not merely a lender.

According to Ricardo, lack of access to capital is the number one reason businesses fail. By offering multiple types of funding and terms that work for borrowers, SellersFunding makes sure that e-commerce businesses always have the financial tools they need to stay healthy, stocked, and ready to take advantage of any opportunity that arises. “While we do look at credit, we only utilize soft credit pulls so there is no impact on an applicant’s credit score. SellersFunding offers financial solutions built by e-commerce experts for e-commerce sellers,” explains Ricardo. “We don’t bring the baggage and outdated methods of traditional banks and other lenders, which means that our processes are streamlined and innovative.”

The company offers Sellers Signals – a free analytical tool that provides clients detailed insights about sales performance, business valuation, pre-qualification for financial solutions, and profit and loss statements. “Without up-to-date, accurate, insightful data that covers the macro and micro, you can’t make smart business decisions,” elucidates Ricardo. “Sellers Signals is all about giving business owners that data – and integrating it seamlessly with financial tools such as funding and payments solutions – so that these entrepreneurs can be confident in information without having to log in to multiple sources or dealing with complicated exports.” It’s all a part of the more extensive Sellers Funding unified dashboard that saves sellers time and frees them up to focus on growing their businesses.

For instance, CROSSNET, a formidable player in the sports equipment niche, with a team of over 20 talented e-commerce pros helping to manage its thriving wholesale and online retail operation, took SellersFunding’s help to establish itself. As with any successful retail brand, keeping pace with the speed of sales wasn’t always easy for CROSSNET, and as the orders kept coming, CROSSNET’s leadership team quickly realized the delicate balance between managing inventory and cash flow. At the end of 2021, CROSSNET faced a make-or-break challenge: Find a way to fill the most significant order yet or risk losing a major deal to one of its competitors. The client in question? Sam’s Club is a famous chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs valued at approximately $11 billion. With SellersFunding, CROSSNET could set up invoice factoring to help secure the inventory it needed upfront.

As CROSSNET fulfilled its Sam’s Club orders, it also used SellersFunding to factor accounts receivable. Instead of waiting two to three months to get cash from retailers on 60 to 90-day payment terms, CROSSNET worked with SellersFunding to establish an ongoing invoice factoring relationship. As soon as the CROSSNET team received capital from SellersFunding to fulfill their Sam’s Club order, they realized their dream of selling to large retailers was no longer out of reach.

SellersFunding recently joined hands with WooCommerce, an open-source e-commerce platform built on WordPress and currently powering sales on over six million websites. With SellersFunding’s financial resources now integrated within its e-commerce configurations, WooCommerce merchants and marketplace sellers are always connected to the funding they need to grow their businesses. “WooCommerce is just one of the many selling platforms with which our platform seamlessly integrates. Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, BigCommerce . . . SellersFunding works with all and more. Each platform offers unique benefits,” adds Ricardo. “WooCommerce users are a few clicks away from getting up to $5M with terms up to 24 months in as little as 48 hours. With that speed and power, there are no barriers to making e-commerce dreams into realities.”

Today some companies have used the funding to secure crucial inventory and avoid stockouts, create record-breaking Q4 and Prime Day sales, purchase their warehouses to prevent supply chain issues debilitating other sellers, launch revolutionary new products, expand internationally, fulfill orders for unprecedented quantities, and of course, double and triple year-over-year growth. Since there are no usage restrictions on SellersFunding Working Capital, there isn’t anything their clients haven’t achieved or couldn’t achieve. “We have plans for an incredibly exciting 2023 that empower e-commerce sellers to reach heights they could not have imagined. We are constantly evolving based on customer needs, industry trends, and of course, the innovation and vision of our team,” says Ricardo.

" We offer funding, flexible repayment options to account for supply chain lead times (IO period), data insights, hands-on account management, cross-border expansion products, and more – all in one integrated platform. "

Ricardo Pero


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