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Cyncly | Preparing Customers for the Future | Andrea Gnoato

Andrea Gnoato

General Manager, KBF Manufacturing

Cyncly was created in September of 2022 as the new brand to unite Compusoft, 2020, and their affiliate companies after the two companies merged in 2021. One of the key factors driving the decision to form Cyncly as a global brand was that consumers worldwide wanted a seamless experience when they decided to improve their homes. And because Cyncly had brought together all these industry-leading software solutions – retailers, designers, and manufacturers in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, windows, and doors – they were in a unique position to provide their customers with the tools to do this. By connecting all these previous disparate elements, they were able to help companies using our software make their consumers’ journeys seamless and put consumers at the heart of what they do.

Numerous manufacturers automate their processes to deal with dramatic increases in custom orders. And that was a great start, but now, coming out of the pandemic, they are seeing even more social change influence what the modern consumer expects. Their interactions have moved from in-person to online, yet they are taking a more hands-on approach from the comfort of their phones and computers. That increases the complexity of collaboration between designers, retailers, and the manufacturer who ultimately must make the product being sought. And, of course, all the while, today’s consumer is expecting to pay less while getting more.

By connecting a range of industry-leading solutions from brands like 2020, 3CAD, and Mozaik, Cyncly not only relieves the pressure points of modern consumer expectations but improves overall operating efficiency for manufacturers in a way that no one else can. Specifically, that means all their integrated solutions – including VCPQ, ERP, MES, WMS, CAD/CAM and online 3D configuration – enable businesses to streamline and accelerate every single step of the point-of-sale through the manufacturing process.

The foundation of all this is in the content and products. The company offers the means for manufacturers to list accurate pricing and availability to everyone along every stage of the consumer value cycle. Ultimately, they offer manufacturers the first proper end-to-end solution in the industry.

Offering Seamless Experience

According to David Tombre, CEO of Cyncly, people live in an interconnected world. So, when a consumer’s satisfaction depends on configurability – whether online or in-store – the manufacturer must be able to engineer and produce that piece of furniture, that cabinet, and that shelving unit as efficiently as possible.

Cyncly guarantees manufacturers can provide a seamless experience because of the connections they have built between the stages of the value cycle. For instance, a consumer wants a customized product. It’s guaranteed to be an accurate configuration at the real price point because it’s being customized based on information the manufacturer has already provided the retailer or designer; the manufacturer then has the tools in place to receive their configuration, plan its production in the most efficient manner possible, and see the data for scalable content distribution.

Today, manufacturers have direct access to what interests’ consumers and create their own lead engines to convert to secure sales. Cyncly improves the speed and efficiency with which manufacturers can respond to changing markets, and throughout that process, Cyncly’s software platforms are collecting and analyzing the data that will allow manufacturers to anticipate and deliver on future consumer needs as well. They will be able to see where the market is heading long before it’s mentioned in an industry trade publication or before any of their competitors catch on. That kind of insight into sales trends and production needs is invaluable.

Once again, it comes back to the connections Cyncly can provide at every step of the vision-to-reality process. They are incredibly proud to offer designers and retailers the most extensive collection of product catalogs in the industry – and the manufacturer provides all that information, so there are never any surprises regarding availability or pricing.

The designer uses Cyncly design software, or the retailer uses Cyncly configuration tools to show the customer exactly what their vision will look like in reality, and from there, it’s seamless communication. The consumer says “yes,” the order is communicated to the manufacturer, and because the product being ordered or customized has been made available by the manufacturer, they already have the means to streamline the actual production of the product so that it becomes a reality quickly, efficiently, and without errors.

Redefining the Future with Unique Tech

For example, WB Manufacturing in Thorp, Wisconsin, USA, worked hard to grow their business and product lines, but with that growth came a massive increase in the complexity of running their manufacturing plant, from staying up to date on processes to tracking materials. WB turned to 2020 Insight, Cyncly’s end-to-end and cloud-based ERP manufacturing software solution.

Now, orders flow into production with a complete set of routines that take them from production to assembly with minimal human interaction – and, therefore, far fewer errors. They can do far more throughput in less time, and with fewer mistakes, they have reduced their product lead time from four weeks to between three and five days.

One cannot miss noticing that there’s so much expertise and knowledge throughout the brands that Cyncly has brought together that it can be easy to forget that they are still a relatively new organization. Cyncly only introduced itself to the world a mere ten months ago. In bringing together all those industry-leading brands from around the world, they are beginning to identify opportunities to take solutions that have found tremendous success in one region and introduce it to another.

A great example of this is Mozaik, an award-winning software solution suite currently serving more than 7,000 small custom-cabinet makers throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand. “We’ve done our homework, and we know that it can have a tremendous impact on the UK market. And so, we’re using our global reach to introduce Mozaik to the UK, and soon, we’ll be looking forward to adding more customer success stories to our library,” adds David. “We just finished talking about the near future, and that acts as a nice segue into something that the entire world – far beyond just our industry – is talking about artificial intelligence. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding AI, and I think that’s led to a mix of excitement and fear – both of which can be equally overwhelming.”

For manufacturers who were maybe too slow to take the leap into automating their processes or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, too quick to invest in technology that didn’t go anywhere, adopting a new tech can represent a gamble. “And while I’d like to say Cyncly knows exactly how AI should be incorporated into all manufacturing businesses, I can’t. What I can say is that, again, no one else is as well-positioned as Cyncly to turn uncertainty regarding AI into certainty. That’s not just because of our drive to innovate and constantly provide leading-edge solutions to our customers,” explains David. “It’s more practical than that. It’s because our software collects and analyzes the data that could be used to formulate AI inputs, we possess a tremendous amount of industry expertise to develop AI solutions that are specific to the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors and we have the combined software engineering maturity from our developers to ensure safety, security and trust if and when it comes time to implement more AI into processes.”

In as much as Cyncly is preparing the customers for the future of their market, they are also preparing themselves for the future.

" Cyncly improves the speed and efficiency with which manufacturers can respond to changing markets, and throughout that process, Cyncly’s software platforms are collecting and analyzing the data that will allow manufacturers to anticipate and deliver on future consumer needs as well "

Andrea Gnoato

General Manager, KBF Manufacturing

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