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Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Supply Chain in 2022

Today’s consumers not only prefer to support brands that focus on sustainability, but the majority of them (57%) are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their carbon footprints, according to an IBM Research Insights report. That means choosing longer shipping times, picking up products in-store, or even paying extra for greener goods.

Beyond that, building a sustainable supply chain leaves you with more efficient and cost-effective processes that reduce energy consumption and save you money. Having a sustainable supply chain not only results in large cost savings; green-friendly supply chains can go a long way toward shielding your business from reputational damage. You can accelerate your business growth by investing in a more sustainable supply chain, and you should ensure that your focus on supply chain sustainability positively affects your labour practices and the employees who are responsible for your sustainable supply chain management. Read how some of the world’s best supply chain solution providers are making a change in the industry.

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E-Business International | Rapid Specialty Contract Manufacturing Made Easier | George Wang

E-Business International | Rapid Specialty Contract Manufacturing Made Easier | George Wang

Recently American Medical sought an organization with proven capability in product design and manufacturing to support a new, lead-lined container for transporting nuclear medicines. They believed that bringing this new product to market could, in addition to facilitating American Medical’s own transport needs, potentially open a new market in medical transport packaging in which American would have a competitive edge.

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