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Flash Global | The World’s Premier Provider of Post-Sales Logistics Services to High-Tech OEMs | Kris Michel

Flash Global | The World’s Premier Provider of Post-Sales Logistics Services to High-Tech OEMs | Kris Michel

Kris Michel


In recent years, global supply chains have been strained by a severe constriction of logistics capacity. This has led to sharp increases in prices: On average, international container shipping rates have more than quadrupled since 2019, and schedule delays have risen significantly. In some vital trading routes, such as Asia–Europe and North America, the rate spikes have been even higher, and the delays have been even more frequent.

For high-tech OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), these supply chain challenges have been compounded: Not only do high-tech OEMs have to contend with the universal strain on the global supply chain, but they also have to contend with the fulfillment of specialized service contract service level agreements (SLAs) that necessitate the warehousing and distribution of high-tech replacement parts. Moreover, they often require knowledgeable field techs to resolve issues in a timely manner in remote locations throughout the world.

Fortunately, Flash Global, the world’s premier provider of high-tech service parts logistics services, is available to help high-tech OEMs overcome these additional challenges.

Flash Global solves its clients’ issues by providing an array of service supply chain services that span from warehousing and distribution, importer and exporter of record, forward logistics, reverse logistics, and field services spanning 140 countries with over 700 locations. As an innovative, high-tech service supply chain provider that provides its customers comprehensive SLA fulfillment strategies, Flash removes the additional challenges that high-tech OEMs face when fulfilling global service contracts.

Meeting the Challenges

“High-tech post-sales” is a very unique logistics subcategory. While most companies focus on products that require dock-to-stock fulfillment, OEMs that offer high-tech products backed by service contract service level agreements (SLAs) face a completely different set of challenges: They need to replace specialized products and parts quickly throughout the world…in most cases, they require same-day delivery within 2-hour or 4-hour timeframes.  

Flash Global was created in 1983 because its founders saw that those challenges weren’t being sufficiently addressed. Seeing a large disconnect between the supply of–and the demand for–specialized services for high-tech OEMs, Flash carved out a post-sales service supply chain niche that solely focuses on the needs of OEMs that have critical service contract SLAs.  Flash stays ahead of its competitors because it has a single goal: to meet the unique challenges its high-tech OEMs face.

Flash works collaboratively as an extension of its clients’ teams to help them fulfill same-day and next-day SLAs. It offers a dedicated Customer Response Center  and an expansive customer service team that collaborate to ensure that every order is seamless. Moreover, Flash has built technology, from the ground up, focused exclusively on the needs of the post-sales service supply chain which is the backbone of Flash, ensuring that customer SLAs are successfully fulfilled–and tracked–nearly anywhere in the world.

Fulfilling Client Expectations

Considering the nuances of the high-tech service parts niche, every new client comes to Flash Global with a unique set of challenges and specific requirements for their end-to-end needs. Flash can successfully meet these rigorous demands because it was founded as a flexible organization…flexibility is a key reason why customers choose to partner with them.

Flash is able to solve its customers’ problems largely due to its deep understanding of its customers’ unique needs. Moreover, it stays current with trends that pertain to fulfilling its customers’ high-tech SLAs.

The World’s Premier High-Tech Service Parts Logistics Provider

Flash Global carved out an important niche in the service parts logistics industry: the fulfillment of service contract service level agreements on behalf of high-tech OEMs. Flash has focused exclusively on its niche for four decades…it’s turned service supply chain into a science. Dozens of the world’s leading high-tech OEMs trust Flash with their global post-sales logistics…and they continue to expand into new territories with its help. High-tech OEMs from sectors as varied as retail to medical devices to network hardware count on Flash above all other service parts logistics providers…because Flash Global is the world’s premier high-tech service parts logistics provider.

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" You should be outsourcing to a company who is qualified to do this work. If you have to do all of the work before your outsource partner can move ahead, you may not have the right service spares logistics partner."

Kris Michel


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