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E-Business International | Rapid Specialty Contract Manufacturing Made Easier | George Wang

E-Business International | Rapid Specialty Contract Manufacturing Made Easier | George Wang

George Wang

President & CEO

Recently American Medical sought an organization with proven capability in product design and manufacturing to support a new, lead-lined container for transporting nuclear medicines. They believed that bringing this new product to market could, in addition to facilitating American Medical’s own transport needs, potentially open a new market in medical transport packaging in which American would have a competitive edge.

American researched the field of outsourced service and manufacturing providers and selectively narrowed the field of contenders. E-BI emerged as a company with superior capabilities, as E-BI’s Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) system American had never made a product outside of the United States. Therefore, aligning with a company that could hand-hold them during the manufacturing and quality control process was important. E-BI’s 14 dimensions tracking and logistics GSCM system provided American with insight into every step of the manufacturing process with transparency “that goes far beyond an email, phone call, or visit,” says Bob Ranieri, Vice President of Sales, American Medical Systems. “E-BI has spent years developing this system and it gave us the confidence that E-BI is a state-of-the-art vendor. It exceeded our expectations to have the capability, at any time of the day, to get on the web, log on, and quickly find out any details about our RFQ, order, and detail about who is doing what and when. With the GSCM, we experienced that it does not make any difference if E-BI makes our product in China or next door, as long as we have the ability to tap into the E-BI’s system. I know of no other potential partners or vendors that offer such capability.”

Utilizing E-BI’s design center eliminated the need for most NPI engineering work, and this reduced the communication problems and increased the effectiveness of the client’s processes. In a very short time, American had a new design seamlessly moving into manufacturing.

With E-BI Support during the RFQ process, American was able to discuss every step with the open communication and detail needed to establish ‘comfort’ with E-BI as their primary supplier. “Obviously, we wanted someone who was price competitive,” Ranieri adds, “but not at the expense of quality or service. Our ability to discourse during the RFQ process helped us make a selection we could strongly justify and stand behind.”

Initial American concerns about the quality and reliability of communication with Chinese manufacturers were quickly laid to rest. “We get just as much communication with China as we do with partners here in the USA,” Ranieri says. “Engineers are talking to engineers, accounting talking to accounting, managers talking to managers.” Collaborative dialogue between American and E-BI throughout the product management cycle produced the unexpected benefit of triggering “out-of-the-box” considerations. In discussion with E-BI, American is now exploring potential markets for additional development through product offerings made by outside manufacturers.

A Pioneering Solution Provider

Established in 1999, E-BI and its proven rapid specialty contract manufacturing, design, and engineering services provide turn-key global engineering and manufacturing solutions to clients worldwide.

From entry-level assemblies to the most challenging engineering jobs of Fortune 500 companies, E-BI specialty teams have executed over 10,000 projects with more than 300 million high-quality products built and delivered to a global customer base over the last 21 years.

Over the course of the past 20 years, E-BI has developed a network of more than 500 global subcontractors in 10+ countries (US, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Mexico, Malaysia, and more) that touch on nearly all specialty manufacturing capabilities. Collectively, these global partners form E-BI’s Star Factory Alliance.

George Wang, President & CEO of E-BI says, “We understand that this is a complex system of engineering work for each project. We encourage and promote a company culture of being “Positive, Creative, Proactive, Cooperative, and Persistent”. All employees are encouraged to be innovative and strive for clients’ success.” He adds, “Together with our 434 specialty subcontractors, we are working to provide customized manufacturing for your specific needs. Through solid relationships with our subcontractors, we can quickly and easily determine which will be best for your project based on your volume, price, quality, and deliverable schedule needs. With our Star Factory Alliance, we can help make everything come together.”

Offering Unique Solutions

E-BI’s GSCM system is a run card-based operation that addresses each operation step worldwide. The GSCM AI commands each operation team to follow the pre-defined instructions to accomplish the task list. This way, there will not be any operations that get missed from the quality control plan. The company’s deep fluency and expertise in each subcontractor’s different core strengths and capabilities allow clients to guide their customers in a direction that most efficiently meets their needs.

A product contract manufacturing process requires a set of operations from beginning to end. E-BI internal specialists design and manage the process flow through selected sub-cons from over 500. Each unique product and its supply chain will be implemented through a pre-designed operation procedure.

E-BI’s on-site teams help mitigate supply chain risks, working to protect their customers’ supply chains that often begin far from their home countries. For the turn-key model, E-BI works as a general contractor to take over the management responsibility, product quality warranty, insurance, and provide complete transparent operation solutions. A client can treat the solution as a local vendor from concept design to the retail-ready 3PL. Internally, E-BI has its best specialists in different specialty groups such as system integration, electronics, casting, metal fabrications, plastic molding, soft goods, packaging, logistics, and testing. We are on-site to solve all challenging EVT, DVT, and PVT problems.

According to George, contract manufacturing and supply chain come in all shapes and tempos. Each client has its unique demand for the cost, service, and quality. E-BI offers unique engineering capabilities to help resolve challenging products from design to delivery. E-BI has been providing services to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand as a third-party rapid specialty contract manufacturer. “We are manufacturing products in equipment parts, telecommunications, home appliances, homeware and hardware, sports, travel, electronics, E-Bike, and construction products,” elucidates George. “In the near future, E-BI will further speed up its solution and offer more capacity to clients worldwide. E-BI works as a backend solution provider for clients with their brand-name products. We help clients from concept level to retail-ready and distribution. This way, clients can be focused on their creativity and marketing. E-BI can take most of the product development and manufacturing work for them worldwide.”

E-Business International Award

" Together with our 434 specialty Star Factory Alliance subcontractors, we are working to provide customized service for your specific needs. "

George Wang

President & CEO

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