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ITI - Oil & Gas Edition - June 2021

While being one of the larger parts of the petroleum industry, infrastructure has been somewhat underserved for quite some time. This has been changing in the past few years as more businesses place more investment into their supply and logistics. While this investment can be large, it can often be vital for a variety of processes outside of the extraction of oil and gas. Many of the investments that have been seen haven’t solely been focused on expanded networks, although this does play a large role.
Instead, many companies have focused on improving and repairing their existing networks so that they’re better able to meet needs. This has been beneficial in allowing firms to increase their capacity while delivering products at a faster timeframe. 
While many consumers believe that sustainability is solely the area of wind and solar energy, this isn’t the case, as the oil and gas industry has been focusing more and more on sustainability in the past few years. Much of this has been seen in reducing their environmental impact. The majority of this has been driven by consumer expectations, resulting in ecological causes becoming increasingly commonplace across the industry. There are a few ways that this has been done, such as focusing on renewable, non-carbon energy.
There are numerous other technological innovations waiting to happen in the Oil & Gas arena and we present some of the key technology solution providers in the Oil & Gas arena who are bringing these transformations.

Cover Story

Transforming O&G Logistics | Simon Shore

Transforming O&G Logistics | Simon Shore

As the global panorama of the oil and gas sector continues to change, the pressure on the production of its supply chain continues to grow. Transportation and logistics in the oil and gas refinery platform are riddled.

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