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Building Unique Applications for Upstream Oil & Gas Companies

Vincent Dawkins: Developing Applications for O&G Companies

Vincent Dawkins
President & CEO

Organizations during the pandemic have faced numerous challenges, including how they could connect with their internal and external audience, be it through training, educational events such as user conferences, having professional resources onsite, or just social hours that allow customers to engage in peer-to-peer networking. Texas-based Enertia Software quickly found alternative solutions through new virtual offerings such as Enertia Live and reached out to customers, such as those who had limited travel budgets or complex schedules that didn’t allow them time to visit in person. “We plan to continue and keep those resources going because of our ability to connect and communicate even more,” says Vincent Dawkins, President & CEO of Enertia. 

Armed with more than three decades of experience, Enertia has achieved numerous milestones in a volatile industry where they have seen some lower lows and 

some very highs during that time, including the consolidation of some clients, mergers, acquisitions, and through it all. “We’ve become even more scalable and nimble, adapting to a variety of exploration and production operators, to include the super independents and majors to smaller organizations,” adds Dawkins. “The technology has evolved and changed, so has Enertia, ensuring our customers are always at the forefront of what is available and their day-to-day operational needs are met.”

Enertia has pioneered in delivering efficiency tools designed to streamline processing performance, reduce closing cycles, and automate complex business scenarios. Their solution has and always will embrace integration. “That offering alone is what sets us apart because a truly fully integrated solution is streamlined without having multiple data sources to confuse complex business processes or scenarios,” elucidates Dawkins. “Regardless of what tools any corporation is utilizing, without integration, time is going to be spent cross culminating and aggregating data, which in turn inevitably requires performance and process checks and in short means inefficiencies. There is simply no alternative for true integration.”

Enertia’s Production Allocation Engine, or PAE, builds and allocates data from field production measurements for revenue processes and transactions and production regulatory reporting. That means that Enertia makes it simple to build out graphical allocation systems for daily estimates and monthly volume close allocations. PAE is very intuitive and user-friendly, making daily and monthly deployment scalable and flexible. “We’ve taken great measures to improve our communication and support solution efforts. This includes training and offerings that go above and beyond the normal implementation model,” says Dawkins. “The more our customers know about Enertia, the more they are able to utilize the solution, and in turn the more they are successful. We believe that sharing in this knowledge pool and empowering our customers is a huge advantage for them.” With that, the company has evolved its support solutions resources, streamlined its knowledge base, and evolved its support structure to ensure customers always have on-hand resources needed to strengthen their capabilities and teams.

“In addition to our robust software functionality and analysis capabilities, I’d have to say our team’s depth and knowledge of the upstream oil and gas industry is what makes for our biggest capabilities and efficiencies,” says Dawkins. “Our people know oil and gas, they come from oil and gas organizations, so they can relate to the day-to-day operations and understand the specific integration needs. Our solution will always offer efficiencies but the team and their knowledge are what make Enertia so amazing and robust.”

The company’s Enertia Refresh is a process in which Enertia customer engagement managers come into an existing customer’s operation to evaluate efficiencies. The Refresh allows customers to take a look at their processes from initial implementation to usage today. The Refresh also shows how our customers have grown and how Enertia has scaled with them. Many have evolved from initial implementation and are often not utilizing Enertia to their fullest capabilities. An in-depth review after a merger, acquisition, turnover, or just longevity can help refresh and streamline the organization as a whole. “This service not only allows our customers a chance to reestablish their needs with Enertia but also allows for new discovery opportunities that perhaps they are not utilizing and can help make their team more productive,” says Dawkins.

Sharing an instance, Dawkins talks about an E&P Operator/Customer who has been with Enertia for five years and has experienced several acquisitions and exponential growth. The Refresh comes in to look at procedures, best practices, efficiencies, and usage for their long-term customers and finds inefficiencies in reporting and usage. The advantage to a refresh is that it’s not a full-scale implementation but more so a discovery opportunity. The customer engagement manager spends time with the organization understanding updates and changes, which are critical to their role as an internal liaison and helps ensure that their customer is ready and running at the most efficient level as future developments come along. Over 25% of their customers have found quick wins from the Refresh process, meaning quick solutions that can easily create huge efficiencies. Another 35% have identified a need for training, which has substantially improved efficiencies and reduced errors within the organization. Another 20% have taken advantage of updated business processes or implementation of modules and existing features to help streamline business practices. In any case, all huge time-saving resources for the customers.

“Enertia continues to focus on our customer solutions. We find that our intention to be a partner and better our customer’s enterprise resource planning space is genuinely the core of our organization,” says Dawkins. “Part of that customer solution objective will also include continuous updates and innovation for our software and the user interface; to include and identify a futuristic oil and gas platform that once again innovates the industry.” The company will continue improving support solutions and remaining flexible by offering alternative services around M&A activities.

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“Enertia continues to focus on our customer solutions. We find that our intention to be a partner and better our customer’s enterprise resource planning space is genuinely the core of our organization.”

Vincent Dawkins

President & CEO

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