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Digitally Transforming O&G Sector

Digitally Transforming O&G Sector | Fathom Solutions

Ibrahim Al-Baloud
President and CEO

Today, oil & gas companies need to be more agile and dynamic with the market changes, geopolitical uncertainty, constrained resources, energy transition, and other threads. Fathom Solutions presents smart solutions to manage operational data effectively and optimize overall performance through data analytics and machine learning purposes in a unified single software platform.

Research and consulting firms show digital technologies may increase production rate and asset lifetime, decrease the cost of production per barrel, and change the oil and gas value chain. Fathom Solutions can be the partner in this digital journey to discuss the current challenges by providing the automated software platform and exceptional application suites and consulting services that optimize processes cost-efficiently, minimize risk, maximize assets existence and improve the bottom-line efficiently for the oil and gas companies.

Fathom Solutions Oil and Gas product line offer four types of packaged services Software Suite, Consulting and Engineering Services, Oil Fields Technologies Integration, Automation, and Monitoring.

In the past, data availability and security characterized the main challenges to understanding and developing operations in the oil & gas industry. Today, data ­flows in by the millisecond; however – most of the engineering practices continue the same. Are oil companies extracting the full potential of their properties in data infrastructure? Fathom Solutions offers a Deeper Understanding of the vast databases of information available in the Oilfield today.

Fathom Solutions is a technology firm that can give companies a faster, more straightforward, and more comprehensive digital transformation. They specialize in driving Industry 4.0 transformations, but ultimately lead their clients down a flexible path that can apply to a wide range of enterprises, fields, and use cases. In short: they give clients the systems, processes, tools, and—above all—associate they need to ensure their digital transformation exists up to its promise.

With automated engineering workflows, excellent data analysis, pro-active compound alarming, and real-time modeling solutions, the company’s Subject Matter Expert Modules (SME Modules) allow engineers to glimpse into the future of their operations and solve critical failures before they happen.

All Fathom SME Modules work on a single robust platform. The Fathom platform provides a data collection, conciliation, and processing layer that allows the different SME Modules to perform with precision and accuracy with extremely rapid processing and response time. The Fathom SME Modules utilize the processing power of the Fathom platform to apply all the knowledge-based processing for each application. Every SME module offers advanced resolutions aimed at specific applications.

On the flipside, Fathom Solutions’ Deliverability Suite™ is a pipeline integrity and operation software services solution to manage and optimize the performance of pipeline operations for pipelines.

It provides a deeper understanding of pipeline operations by connecting all systems, data sources, equipment, users and engineering solutions in an integrated platform that have advanced applications and analytics capabilities to provide an operational insight near-real-time basis to make decisions proactively, efficiently and promptly. In addition to that, Fathom Solutions provides advanced pipeline integrity services.

Fathom Solutions’ Productivity Suite™ is a digital oil fields software solution platform to manage and optimize the performance of oil wells production for oil producers. It is real-time monitoring, control, optimization software platform by having monitoring and data analytics applications that improve production rate and run-life of artificial lift (AL) systems by providing the optimum production rate of the well and reducing unplanned failure events. They offer Optimization & Analysis services including:

  • Asset Optimization – S2S – Subsurface to Surface
  • Field Development Planning
  • Thermal Well Optimization
  • Marcellus Shale Well Analysis

Traditionally dashboard-tools-based approaches have been successfully used in operations. Often “Big amounts of Data” are captured but only some of it gets analyzed. Fathom™ provides Advanced Oil Well Management & Production Optimization program to address the need for dynamic production analysis tools and related workflows that enhance production by reducing downtime, improving workflows and identifying hidden inefficiencies.

An important step in this journey is to “Validate, Clean, Summarize, Visualize” the integrated surface and subsurface data in real time. Subsequent to a real-time visualization, quantitative analysis needs to be performed using different engineering tools. It is important to integrate these tools in a cohesive and integrated workflow to “Analyze, Predict, Prescribe, Decide” to enhance understanding. Consulting Services provides exceptional guidance aimed at reducing lease operating expenses, maximizing production and increasing revenue streams. Leverage existing and planned investments in digital oil field and transform captured data into information to help oil and gas producers achieve their production optimization goals such as produce optimal quantities over the asset’s life cycle, reduce non-productive time, and improve quality, health, safety, service and environment metrics.

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“Fathom Solutions presents smart solutions to manage operational data effectively and optimize overall performance through data analytics and machine learning purposes in a unified single software platform.”

Ibrahim Al-Baloud

President and CEO

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