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Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Manufacturing in 2023

Digital twins can be used to simulate any physical process or object. For example, in a manufacturing setting, a digital twin could be used to simulate a new product’s dimensions or create a digital replica of the equipment on the factory floor to see how the machinery operates under certain conditions. Digital twin technology can even be used to visualize and simulate an entire supply chain. By 2022, as many as 70 percent of manufacturers may be using digital twins to conduct simulations and evaluations – which gives you an idea of just how transformative this trend could be.

Using digital twins, Boeing has been able to achieve a 40 percent improvement rate in first-time quality of parts. In 2018, the then CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, said digital twins would be the biggest driver of production efficiency improvements over the next decade. This is just the beginning, there is so much more to see and here are some of the leaders in the industry who are enhancing themselves with times and trends.

Cover Story

Tecnomatix | Making Transformative Products | Tony Hemmelgarn

Tecnomatix® is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that helps companies to digitalize manufacturing and the process of turning innovative ideas and raw materials into transformative products. It is a software suite that enables organizations to create a digital twin of their manufacturing processes, including robots, automation, material handling systems, and people, to improve the performance of their business.

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Cyncly | Preparing Customers for the Future | Andrea Gnoato

Cyncly was created in September of 2022 as the new brand to unite Compusoft, 2020, and their affiliate companies after the two companies merged in 2021. One of the key factors driving the decision to form Cyncly as a global brand was that consumers worldwide wanted a seamless experience when they decided to improve their homes.

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The Lake Companies | Making Manufacturing Easier…Forever! | Greg Lake

Today, most manufacturing companies face similar challenges. Those tend to intertwine themselves with implementing and adhering to best business practices. There are many reasons for this, including:
No standard definition for best practices.
The unending confusion of new shiny objects created by the technology industry.
The fact that manufacturing is such a complex industry.

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