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Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Oil & Gas in 2022

While many industries have embraced technology and digital transformation, at times oil and gas has been slow to follow suit. However, that is now starting to change with the emergence of new trends. In particular, more companies are now beginning to see and understand the role technology has to play in driving efficiency and reducing costs in oil and gas. For example, Mckinsey estimates that advanced connectivity alone “could add up to $250 billion of value to the industry’s upstream operations by 2030” simply by improving maintenance and operations.

Technology promises to improve outcomes at all levels of the oil and gas sector in the long term, from the plant floor to the supply chain. But all of that technology has to work in harmony across all business areas to realise the full benefit it can provide. For example, improving the health and safety of employees is a complex initiative that relies on effective planning and rapid incident response across maintenance, operations, engineering, and more. So in order to ensure that technology can help improve health and safety, connectivity is key. Here are some organizations who are offering connectivity and much more.

Cover Story

FutureOn | Digitalization. Collaboration. Design. | Pål Roppen

FutureOn | Digitalization. Collaboration. Design. | Pål Roppen

What happens when you combine the powers of a pioneering visualization company with a handful of experts specializing in subsea oil and gas exploration and production? You get a company with truly revolutionary technology that addresses challenges found in both the sub sea domain and in the modern workplace.

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