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The U.S. will need travellers from China to be unfavourable for Covid


January 03, 2023: -The Biden administration will need airline passengers travelling from China to test unfavourable for Covid before it enters the U.S. as concern grows, the widespread transmission of the virus in the world’s most populous country could result in further variants.

On Wednesday, all airline passengers two years and older originating from China, Hong Kong or Macau will be needed to get tested for Covid-19 no over two days before their flight to the U.S. and express a negative result to the airline upon departure, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated.

Regardless of nationality and vaccination status, the requirements start on January 5. Travellers can get a PCR or a rapid self-test administered and monitored by telehealth services. The Food and Drug Administration or the appropriate national authority must authorize the quick test.

Airline passengers who fly through Incheon International Airport in South Korea and Toronto Pearson and Vancouver International Airports in Canada would need to test negative for Covid before which heads to the U.S. if they were ten days beforehand in China.

According to the CDC, these three airports cover most travellers whose trips originated in China but have connecting flights to the U.S.

The testing requirements come as Beijing battles a significant virus outbreak after easing its stringent zero-Covid policy earlier in the wake of social unrest.

The U.S. has limited news on the situation in China, and a federal health official told reporters on Wednesday. The official said that testing has decreased across China, and it’s not clear what variants are circulating on the mainland as genomic management data is limited.

“The recent rapid increase in transmit in China increases the potential for recent variants to emerge,” the health official said. According to the official, the U.S. proactive is stepping to protect the public’s health and be on the alert for recent Covid variants as the situation in China unfolds.

The CDC is expanding the program that monitors international travellers for new Covid variants, including Los Angeles and Seattle airports. The surveillance program will include seven airports and cover about 500 weekly flights, which include 290 flights from China and the surrounding region.

The surveillance program collects nasal swabs from international travellers voluntarily. The CDC then analyzes the samples that test positive for Covid to determine if they are a recent virus variant.

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The U.S. will need travellers from China to be unfavourable for Covid