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Sustainability and efficiency have never been so close | Fabrizio Majorana

Sustainability and efficiency have never been so close | Fabrizio Majorana

Fabrizio Majorana


According to Fabrizio Majorana, CEO at Six Sigma Management Institute Europe, the importance is in the brand. Six Sigma was established by Mikel Harry, recognized today by the customers, and, most importantly, by the big brands. “Competition only strengthens us; however, our customers are aware of obtaining our original values as well as the most comprehensive recognition when they seek our services,” says Majorana. “Most of all however, we are the true certification of Six Sigma. Our e-learning platform is unique at these levels and it is also the most powerful and extensive.”

Today the company possesses simulators that can forecast both upcoming and future events. When they map out the processes at a hospital, it is possible through their acceleration tool to foresee what could occur and be prepared as to when and how to implement a specific plan before issues may arise. During the Covid pandemic, these simulators proved to be fundamental; however, it was also important to have highly proven previous experiences and tools. “Then, we significantly transformed ourselves.

Today, we are no longer only a professional training and consulting firm, providing companies with the proper tools to enhance their efficiency, but rather a brand which renders guarantees in excellence in many sectors,” says Majorana.

“We have been instrumental in helping hospitals, large universities, renewable energy companies, as well as the automotive, aeronautic, defense and space sectors.” Over the last 30 years, Six Sigma Management Institute has gathered the best practices in every field, and today they have the ‘plug and play,’ the rapid adaptation process, and above all, the process to forecast a transfer of various processes between fields, even those located at a distance and with similar processes.

Six Sigma has made tremendous headway in all the commodity sectors. “Hospital and healthcare are in great need of our expertise, and we are proud to have been active in improving the hospitals’ processes to enable them the possibility to cope with increased Covid and non-Covid infected patients,” adds Majorana.

“What is most important is to begin with a photograph of efficiency, providing a number to the metric of some fundamental indicators, then we ameliorate the process performance and we recalibrate, verifying that indeed the services have improved, and we achieve this in very rapid fashion. We have been able to provide a return on investments of over 15 times depending of course upon the sector.”

The company is also digital Transaction 4.0, Big Data Analytics, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma and has the Leadership certification to produce new leaders shortly. These new leaders will guide the companies through what will be a difficult grouping to manage. Human contact will consist of face-to-face as well as digital distance contact. “As a result, the use of ‘foreknowledge’ data will be at a prime, and at the same time we will require more control of activities, and improve the capacity to delegate to those colleagues and workers located at a distance from us,” says Majorana. “Due to this, the large groups are asking us to certify the new managers, and once again, we rank high.  Even these new managers can obtain a ranking certification, valued following their merits towards the market.” The company provides easy-to-follow training, regardless of technicalities. “Mikel Harry himself creates our students, and if you think about it, listening to Mikel’s lectures instead of the benchmark would be like the same difference as if we would learn the Pythagorean Theory from none other than the mathematician himself,” says Majorana. “In addition, Mikel’s lessons are subdivided into sections and could last a few minutes. Also, it is possible to pass the exam even after a single lesson! Then through our platform, which is truly unique in the world, there is a possibility of employing simulators which having already been put into place, can accept daily data and, in a sense, ‘see’ what will occur to our processes in the future.”

Sharing an instance, Majorana says an important investment bank had a 600% return on both consulting and training investments. “I also remember an extra ordinary result achieved by a bank who optimized the complaint process by resolving an important internal issue within 13 days rather than the usual 180 days they used,” he elucidates. “What also come to mind are some hospitals where we pushed their efficiency value from 54% to 96%. A large worldwide manufacturing firm had resolved the invoicing process by 80% within their purchasing department. In healthcare during the pandemic, we improved efficiency by 20% in only 25 days!”

Today the company arranges ‘plug and play solutions in a package, which is immediately adaptable for so many cases. One modular solution that may be quickly applied in record time in any sector in terms of the observation and design of the processes calculates measures and simulates in locating bottlenecks and errors. “Phases of Analysis and Control applied in rapid time, using specific platforms for the staff, including only that which is mostly required. It will be a period of rebirth and reconstruction. I want to recommend to the large organizations the use of PSP, the Project Selection Program, a very useful tool that is also immediate during the selection and priority of the areas to optimize in the company both for processes and products. To provide value in terms of doability, client impact, and economic balance for every improvement idea is no small feat,” explains Majorana. “We apply it to the structures they already have in place 5/6 thousand processes as what would be found in a large bank. Secondly, I would say the hospitals’ immediate efficiency. Hospitals and healthcare, in general, will be the areas of great changes in the future, and we have the most intelligent and rapid solutions. We are ready, and above all, we are very well versed!”


Fabrizio Majorana Award

“ Our e-learning platform is unique at these levels and it is also the most powerful and extensive.”

Fabrizio Majorana


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