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Fostering Trust, Motivation and Collaboration | Franck Vialaron

Fostering Trust, Motivation and Collaboration | Franck Vialaron

Franck Vialaron


Franck Vialaron, CEO and founder of Accelex, has a wealth of qualities that have transformed and aided the company’s growth since its inception in 2018. His extensive experience spans 20+ years in the FinTech space; notably, Franck previously founded Expand Research, with a successful exit to BCG in 2011.

Franck has held a variety of roles and responsibilities throughout his professional career. He trained first as a chemical engineer, starting his career as a software engineer. Franck has always worked within small and agile structures where he had to adapt and learn constantly.

Franck’s core business interests lie in the progression of new product ideation, development and the go-to-market process with a love for all aspects of technology innovation and team building! His prior experience, vision, and passion for the Accelex technology solution have helped secure funding, clients, and growth into global territories. His leadership qualities as CEO at Accelex are paramount to attracting and motivating the very best people to create and deliver cutting-edge technology that will transform the industry as we know it.

For Franck, the learnings taken from others have sculpted his approach to leadership and success as a CEO. Foremost is Franck’s motivation and vision for growth and success. He constantly places himself and team members outside their comfort zone and chases goals that others would not necessarily deem feasible. Franck, as a CEO, is highly receptive and willing to learn from those around him, colleagues and clients alike, broadening his perspective and understanding of market and company obstacles that often need to be navigated.

From others, Franck has learned the importance of forward thinking paired with an ambitious outlook. “Whilst it is extremely important to be realistic in your progression plans there is always room for ambition by asking some core questions: where could we be as a company? Why aren’t we there right now? How long will it take us to get there?” This perspective forms the foundation of Franck’s approach as a CEO. A core objective is to motivate a whole team toward a collective goal with an enterprising stance.

From experience, Franck recognizes the scarcest resource for any young business time. Feeding the organization with positive energy to maintain pace is paramount, building an environment and ethos of trust, motivation and collaboration.

Accelex streamlines the extraction, analysis, and reporting of critical private investment data, powered by cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques. Their next-generation SaaS platform uses dynamic data acquisition algorithms that bring automation, scale, and auditability to demanding and often labor-intensive workflows. Accelex utilizes a unique blend of natural language processing, machine vision, and heuristic approaches.

In addition to the SaaS solution are the people behind the tech. A dedicated team of experienced specialists are always on hand for the implementation and ongoing use of the Accelex platform. Their collective vision is to disrupt the private investment industry, transforming outdated manual processes using agile and cutting-edge automation technology.

The Accelex SaaS platform champions the latest and most cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver greater transparency, automation, scale, and auditability in an industry where the demand for data is constantly evolving. Accelex can provide industry-specific machine intelligence where the clients can leverage the deep private markets industry expertise, which is encoded into their product as opposed to generic machine learning models.

Clients benefit from continuous model enhancements throughout the company’s entire partner ecosystem without labelling data – one model with curated crowd learning. Once integrated with the private markets documents, the solution constantly evolves, which means the more it is used, the more accurate the data becomes – their dynamic acquisition algorithms continue to deliver accurate, actionable and scalable data within minutes.

There are a couple of critical dimensions in Accelex’s approach to competition; 1) they have developed highly differentiated technology, leveraging the very latest in data science techniques, putting them head and shoulders above the competition, or indeed, any other approach to solving the business challenges they are tackling, and 2) technology alone is not enough,so they partner with the clients to ensure Accelex is seen as a strategic provider – solving immediate problems, providing a platform to deliver investment advantage today and broadening cover to other critical use cases in future.

The overarching problem within the private markets ecosystem is unstructured data within the form of PDFs and other documents carrying difficult-to-access information. Firms struggle with highly manual processes of data extraction, sharing, and reporting. These workflows are often expensive, inefficient, time-consuming, and error prone. The Accelex solution has been developed to simplify the demanding workflows of private markets participants, delivering a wealth of tangible benefits:

Reduced costs

Considerable time savings

Increased efficiency

Improved scalability

Enhanced accuracy


Such benefits are enjoyed by clients such as AIMCo, BNP Paribas, and LGT Capital Partners, amongst a group of sophisticated global investor clients.

Accelex is working on several client-led developments, which can be categorized as follows:

Asset classes – expanding beyond Private Equity, Real Estate, and Infrastructure into more alternative asset classes (e.g., private debt, natural resources, hedge fund

Document types – many alternative investment workflows are driven by unstructured content; Accelex currently tackles fund performance reporting, cashflow notices, and capital account statements which we are broadening to include tax forms, LP agreements, pre-deal due diligence, etc.

Functional enhancements – beyond the core platform capabilities, Accelex is developing analytics and reporting capabilities, API and connectivity tools, and management dashboards.


Franck Vialaron Award

“ Our e-learning platform is unique at these levels and it is also the most powerful and extensive.”

Franck Vialaron


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