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Terry Chiang


Companies are looking at their business needs and the value IoT can offer in practice under the hype regarding the IoT solution. However, they face challenges like the lack of communication protocols, RF knowledge for coverage/read range/anti-collision, the efficiency of the energy harvesting, fault tolerance, cost feasibility, and appropriate integration of these factors. Securitag Assembly Group (SAG) is strategically partnering with chip manufacturers, system integrators, EMS to reach a synergy both vertically and horizontally. With their expertise under one roof and domain know-how, it paves the ground for the communication protocols to ensure production scalability and efficiency. SAG also merits the material science capability by enhancing the performance of embedded solutions through tailored configuration to meet the growing demand associate with IoT projects such as miniaturization and RFID Plus One; SAG always thinks beyond, ensuring they play a critical role in shaping the IoT landscape of the future and lead the way to the sustainable connectivity. SAG’s focus is shaping up their customers’ ideas into connectivity. That is to say; SAG is an enabler to make impossible tagging become possible and introduce life-changing benefits by connecting physical and digital worlds through RFID technology. They focus on the most complex, profound RFID tagging challenges facing across healthcare, automotive, Industrial to consuming and delivering values from a manufacturing site through logistics distribution and to the consumer’s hands. 

SAG leverages its consultative strengths, technical expertise, and material sciences capability to help our customers identify the right products, ease the pain points and drive better efficiency for tomorrow’s business. Their digital tagging automate inventory and asset-tracking to facilitate the traceability and visibility to reduce business cost for industrial applications. The RFID tagging technology propels patient care for medical sectors to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage clinical records connected to the cloud effectively. For consumers, the beauties of RFID enhances consumer user experience and provides value-added service, ease of use, interaction, and information cost-effectively.

Connecting businesses to what’s possible

SAG has been an RFID tagging solution provider for more than two decades. By teaming up with their customers and backed up by 20 years of experience across multiple industries. SAG culminates end-to-end tagging solution, and this under one roof mechanism starts from tailored-made antenna design, material science, and mechanical innovation in SAG Lab, self-developed equipment capability, in-house molding/tooling building, all the way to a valued-added premium inspector to gauge top quality consistency needed in Healthcare regulatory compliance. Their industrial insight and proven track record have ensured that they play a central role in examining and walk through the potential risks and approval-relevant weaknesses early in the project development phase to avoid costly rework and delays.

RFID technology is relatively complex, only like 30-50% of projects turn out work in the end. SAG’s expertise is built because they listen, understand, and do whatever it takes to make it happen while others might just said “this is all we can do, nothing more.” That’s also the reason they have many healthcare projects on hand through the word of mouth power. “It’s the power of  perseverance take SAG to go to the extra mile to where we are now. SAG understands the complexities involved in the RFID deployment spans across all industries and the responsiveness to last minute changes.”

SAG elaborates and engineers a suite of tagging solutions geared towards metal application whether it’s on/in or behind the metal, their proprietary antenna design expertise make all happen. Combining SAG’s antenna design insight with their service offerings, it enables to troubleshoot and provide the one-of-a-kind solution specific to “dense metal” environment which revamps the way of metal tool management and creates full visibility to higher transparency of asset tracking and loss prevention for application such RTIs management, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas pipelines, vehicle tracking identification and expedite the efficiency and help smart manufacturing gain ground.

SAG has positioned itself as an enabler to keep the innovation in answering the challenges and mitigate the hiccups to facilitate RFID tagging adoption. In particular, the healthcare sector is the most promising driver in their business focus in this decade. The rising demand to accelerate digital healthcare revealed the need for better healthcare efficiency and higher patient care. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented impact on a global level and pushed digital healthcare forward. Tagging solutions that help to identify, locate, authenticate COVID-19 testers have been a boom in the time of this pandemic, and a 120% growth shown in the US within six months. On the other hand, they continuously work with customers from Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Germany to echo the voices of demands like smart wearables with temperature sensors, RFID plus sensor in the cold chain to tackle the evolving challenges of COVID-19 proactively.

On their Mission towards the Future

Ten years ago, SAG created their first gamma-resistant product for the medical device going through gamma sterilization to start their journey in the healthcare industry. Today, SAG delivers a wide array of products available in different sizes, encapsulation shapes that can withstand EtO and gamma radiation sterilization processes. More than that, the success of healthcare applications geared SAG to shift their portfolio towards high-value categories, which account for 30% of SAG’s sale revenues and growing year by year. Their proven track record of excellence grants SAG the business opportunities and networking with global healthcare players to drive innovation to explore unlimited RFID tagging possibilities for the surge of IoT implantation.

In an instance, a practical application showed some mix match challenges with scenarios of tracing a testing tube which might contains a high level of water or temperature-sensitive biological samples required to be deep frozen in the medical lab. As a matter of fact, the material that the tagged testing tube is made of and the content the tube contain of can have a dramatic impact on read performance. SAG engineered a tailored-made configuration integrating customized antenna design with material science technique to deliver the top performance and extreme cold resistance down to -80°C (-112°F) in parallel.

“Our mission is to identify, engage, and empower a smart RFID connectivity focus on a value-added service to answer the challenges through our unique positioning of design-in mechanism, material science, expertise under one roof and industry insight, moving towards to create less waste product and sustainability to make a difference of how we live, work and play,” says Terry Chiang, CEO of SAG. SAG has been dedicated in the passive RFID with an endeavor of two decades, and the culture of there is no “best,” only “better” has taken root in SAG and drives us to foster a next-generation talent pool with expertise beyond passive, RFID Plus One is their next technology to incorporate the active components such as temperature sensor, LED, wearable, environmental sensor, flexible battery, printed electronics and more to be integrated into the paradigm of IoT. Innovation has been a source of comparative advantage for SAG in practice.

SAG is strategically partnering with companies who have a specialty in a different field across multiple industries vertically to synergize the strengths of all forward-thinking technology and push the envelope for the limitations to an extremely harsh environment, miniaturization design, eco-friendly material, and software integration to sustain a long-standing comparative advantage and assure SAG’s innovation future. On top of technology, SAG is building a new factory targeting production in Q3 2022. The factory will be the latest addition which introduced a set of automation as a real practice target towards smart manufacturing to expand SAG’s service offerings across healthcare, industrial, automotive, etc., and pivot the connectivity to IoT. “With headquarter in Taiwan, one subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, SAG builds proven track record of worldwide projects and plan to expand our service office/warehouse in the USA or Europe in the near future to expand our local reach and continuously shaping the RFID connectivity perspective of the future,” adds Terry.

Securitag Assembly Group award

“Our mission is to identify, engage, and empower a smart RFID connectivity focus on a value-added service to answer the challenges through our unique positioning of design-in mechanism, material science, expertise under one roof”

Terry Chiang


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