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Senseforce | High-performance & Flexible IIoT Solution

Michael Breidenbruecker


When choosing a partner to implement IoT projects, it is important to ensure that flexibility is retained. In concrete terms, this means that the solution can be integrated into the existing systems without great effort, migrated from one system to another, and, above all, scaled. When the requirements of customers and industrial partners change, medium-sized companies must continue to react flexibly. Medium-sized and large industrial companies need practical solutions to digitize their processes in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) projects – with this simple ulterior motive, Michael Breidenbrücker founded the IIoT startup Senseforce in 2016 together with two medium-sized companies. Added value for the industry through IIoT. Breidenbrücker himself is anything but a blank slate in the startup scene. The digital entrepreneur has founded startups such as and has invested in numerous young companies himself. After returning from London, he found out which traditional non-digital markets will be disrupted by digitization in the next few years and which potential will arise in the context of the Vorarlberg, and Lake Constance region context quickly came across mechanical engineering.

Senseforce is on a mission to transform the narrative around machine manufacturing by enabling small and medium-sized enterprises with a fully-featured industrial Internet of Things technology platform that enables them to deploy production-ready apps and create better products and services. Senseforce implements an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that make up the European machine manufacturing industry’s backbone. Their offering is distinct from other solutions because they want to empower machine experts to work with data and generate value for the organization (no advanced IT know-how required).

As a result, they have built a product that makes data readily accessible, usable, and flexible — so everyone can perform as a data scientist. This low code and extremely streamlined approach drastically reduce integration applications and setup costs compared to similar solutions. They’ve won several honors for their innovative IIoT offerings, such as the Austrian State Price for Deep Tech and the Innovation Award of the Austrian Maintenance and Plant Management Association (ÖVIA). Senseforce plans to scale their business as the need for a high-performance, and resilient IIoT solution continues to grow. Subsequently, the Senseforce team realized early on that they needed a time-series database that could scale with them in the future. What makes them different is that they transform the manufacturing industries by empowering people to unlock the potential of data. “We want to democratize data by making flexible and usable data tools – We want everyone to be a data scientist,” says Michael. “Our product makes data understandable, convenient and accessible.”

Senseforce communicates data in a simplified language everyone can understand, so people can build tangible value for their companies by creating innovative use cases and solutions that customers want and need. “We give people a powerful end to end digital transformation toolkit. These tools enable data to drive change and growth throughout every part of a company creating new products, services and commercial opportunities,” adds Michael.

With the introduction of Senseforce 2.0, users will build Data apps for their organizations, customers, and suppliers. Data Apps can consist of Widgets, Dashboards, Notifications, Rules, Integrations into their existing infrastructure, and powerful Automations to over 1500 3rd party apps. Their data app builder allows creating drill-down applications using parametrized Dashboards, extensive charting libraries, low-code analytics, and statistical and machine learning modeling. Automation and Notifications are creating benefits without necessarily investing resources.

Today, Senseforce is on a critical mission—helping the European companies compete against Chinese machine manufacturers beyond just quality. In doing so, Breidenbruecker stresses that the only way to pitch clients is through service-based business models and embedded service models. With Senseforce, companies are restructuring their service departments by utilizing call centers and enhancing operations. Senseforce enables manufacturers to turn the reactive service department into a proactive service department.

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“We want to democratize data by making flexible and usable data tools – We want everyone to be a data scientist”

Michael Breidenbruecker


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