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Raghu Bala


As people advance the next generation of the Internet, there is a sea change afoot. Technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain are poised to infringe all aspects of how we operate businesses and manage the daily lives. Being a pioneer in the Intelligent and Integrated Automation section, NetObjex’s mission is to present enterprises and technology companies with the most extensive Intelligent Automation platform. This platform can be utilized for tracking, tracing, and monitoring digital assets across various industry verticals by leveraging the potential of IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies. NetObjex’s goal is to become an important player in the Intelligent and Integrated Automation section across the globe. While pursuing this goal, NetObjex’s goal is to be a trusted partner to their clients, cultivating a nurturing atmosphere for their employees, and being a supportive partner to their associates.

NetObjex offers the industry’s most extensive Interoperable and Integrated IoT Platform for Enterprise IoT period. The NetObjex platform is able of not only scaling and managing millions of devices securely but also adequately defining and modeling 1000s of device types, which presents NetObjex standout amongst the IoT Platforms.

Raghu Bala is heading NetObjex, the CEO and Chairman, who was earlier an executive with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with three thriving startup exits. Besides, he also teaches MIT Sloan School of Business/Computer Science and AI Laboratory’s program on the Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Business alongside he is a Teacher for MIT’s Blockchain course.

NetObjex changes businesses by delivering dynamic value streams to increase in the connected economy from harnessing the communications between systems, devices, data, and people. Once an IoT Strategy is in position and an IoT Use Case is identified and approved for deployment, they collaborate very closely with their customers to co-innovate the final IoT solution that delivers the most important business value leveraging NetObjex platform and support. High-level abilities of the NetObjex platform that are given out-of-box include the capacity to Generate New Revenue Streams, achieve lean operational capabilities, secure competitive positioning, sticky brand integrity.

NetObjex Technology is different as they know that developing Smart Products needs a sophisticated, yet easy to use and flexible operating environment in understanding. The NetObjex platform has been made with these center tenets in mind. Customer’s will find NetObjex platform to be a rapid development and deployment platform where they can plug and play and be up and working within hours to days.

​The NetObjex platform is feature-rich, allowing users to get up and running in no time. The learning curve is short, and client’s time to market fast. The system is flexible with their choice of big data repositories, the ability to select among a selection of distributed ledgers, and support for pluggable identity management. Besides, NetObjex have a tokenization capability for those interested in integrating cryptocurrency into their systems.

The world of IoT and Digital Assets reveals itself in silos of information. When these digital assets require to function in ecosystems that include multiple entities and need to transcend trust boundaries, it feigns a challenge with the status quo in technology. If the assurance of smart cities or self-driving cars and other such actions are to come to fruition, it needs a technology substrate wherein digital assets can discover, validate, communicate, and transact securely.

They have formed a Digital Asset Management platform that tracks asset performance and compliance employing IoT and Distributed Ledger technology. Their technology is an end-to-end from data acquisition via sensors to Ethereum/IOTA integration. NetObjex has deciphered the code for digital ID management, product derivation, information validation, usage-based billing, and smart arrangements for a sharing economy.

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“NetObjex has deciphered the code for digital ID management, product derivation, information validation, usage-based billing, and smart arrangements for a sharing economy.”

Raghu Bala


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