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The internet of things (IoT) attributes to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual designs in an Internet-like structure; for instance, a waste bin could be “online,” allowing fill level data to be collected in real-time by the bin servicing company. Access to simple yet essential knowledge like this ensures tasks are performed to the highest possible efficiency saving money and decreasing costs.

FarSite Communications Ltd, not only create and sell IoT solutions, but they also have a long history of the building, developing and producing high quality, high-performance WAN Communications Gateway Appliances and even Adapters for PCs and servers employed in a business environment. The products are satisfied throughout the world by our distributors, resellers, and local agents. The company boasts a highly prestigious international customer list.

The company strategy is to continuously invest in the development of new commodities and the enhancement of existing product lines, guaranteeing that, as new communications technologies develop, we have the products that customers require. They have good confidence in the quality of the products that they offer their customers free telephone and email access to the best and responsive Technical Support department.

FarSite is the developer of the smart city-centered netBin waste monitoring product line and has also developed a wide variety of data communication goods and services for the business sector. These products incorporate Gateways and M2M / IoT products, provided through a global network of distributors, with products exported to over 100 countries.

The company has its HQ in Basingstoke, UK, and Guangzhou, China, and can claim export sales to a highly prestigious international client list. These incorporate some of the world’s leading names in the waste administration, banking, government, aerospace, army, and retail communications areas.

Recently, Telensa, the world leader in smart street lighting and smart city applications, started working with FarSite Communications to combine its wireless bin monitoring into the Telensa smart city dashboard. By expanding FarSite wireless netBin sensors, local governments and their contractor partners can get an immediate snapshot of the performance of their waste services, to improve efficiency and quality of service. Telensa is expanding netBin sensors as part of a test of smart city technologies in Essex and Hertfordshire, which also incorporates traffic, ravine, and environmental monitoring.

FarSite’s netBin is a wireless monitoring method for commercial and communal bins. It consists of wireless monitors stored inside each bin to measure fill level, tilt, and temperature, combined to a central management system that issues alerts, creates a portentous fill model and optimizes obtaining routing.

Telensa PLANet is a wireless central management system (CMS) that facilitates centralized remote control of outdoor lighting. It is made up of wireless nodes connecting individual lights, a wireless Internet of Things (IoT) interface, and a central management application. Data from light post and street-level sensors can be incorporated in the Telensa data hub, visualized by the Telensa dashboard, and made accessible to other city apps by the Telensa API set. Telensa technology already measures 1.5 million streetlights globally, including one in ten of the UK’s lights.

“We are happy to be working in partnership with FarSite for optimized waste collection, as we create out our smart city solution ecosystem,” stated Will Gibson, Chief Commercial Officer, and Founder, Telensa. “Master mass-scale applications that encapsulate broad domain expertise are the foundation for reliable data-driven smart cities.”

“We are excited to be working in partnership with Telensa to bring another key element of an overarching smart city solution,” stated Steve Scott, FarSite Sales & Marketing Director. “Telensa’s large international consumer base can now benefit from the optimized garbage collection within a data-centric smart city.”

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“FarSite is the developer of the smart city-centered netBin waste monitoring product line and has also developed a wide variety of data communication goods and services for the business sector.”

Steve Scott


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