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Green Tech – Can it revive the Economy post-pandemic?

Green Tech – Can it revive the Economy post-pandemic?

In the mere future, more than the pandemic, the problem will be pollution. This pandemic has given a chance for the revival of mother nature and, at the same time, has created job crises and economic downfall. There has been an open letter filed by the medical officials, requesting the environmental friendly revival of economic crisis post-pandemic as air pollution has resulted in seven million premature death annually. Renewable resources are much cheaper and efficient compared to fossil fuel. The crude oil market hitting the negative end, like never before, has paved the path for renewable resources.  

Green Tech targeting the revival of the economy must focus on creating more job opportunities, maximum income multipliers, and also greater return than the investment. Wind energy manufacturing units can be established that will provide an alternate source of renewable energy supply to the sectors and also provide the jobs to the jobless in the manufacturing unit. Installation of solar panels across the state is another source of energy meanwhile providing the jobs in the manufacturing unit as the demand for the panels will be increasing also, creating jobs for panel technicians and also, system engineers. Recycling is another way out, and since the world is much aware of the after-effects the educated and civilized sector will always choose the recycled products, and, as a word of mouth it will be a habit. Promoting the usage of recycled papers in the schools by the students for project and crafts will be a route for a small scale industry to set up. 

The manufacture of organic manure from the organic waste around the city will set up new vertical creating jobs for the older who have greater exposure to the usage and importance of organic farming. Green-tech can also concentrate on water purification set up and can concentrate on building up plants in the country where groundwater is scarce in the offseason. All this will automatically contribute to purifying air with reduced emission of pollutants to the air. All the workplace and the corporates if choose the renewable energy, it will stir the economy for the renewable energy supply and also support the green tech with the reduced emissions to the atmosphere. Investing in organic farming, fish and, other aquatic culture will provide openings for the breeders, this can be launched basically as government projects in the land sanctioned by them. Farming will also open the doors for agricultural inspectors and the farm managers. Also, the development of the machinery and the infrastructure for the same will create jobs for mechanical and civil engineers. A software engineer can develop the set up to market the products of all the above entrepreneurs across the globe.

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