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Building Pliable Protocol– Creating an IT Friendly Environment

Building Pliable Protocol– Creating an IT Friendly Environment

The current scenario must be a consideration when the IT Architecting is planned for any organization. It might be the everyday issues in the applications accessed by most of the employees and, also plan for a workflow to improve continuous work and to recover the data, which will reduce in turn the impact on the business. The plan also must be to avoid the disaster, then having a solution for it. In a business application, if there is a single point of failure like SAN array failure the IT must be ready with a back – up strategy. A critical software or application failure must not have an impact on the day to day business and also IT infrastructure must be a handy tool for the concerned department to resolve the issue, this can be done by assessing the dependency from every perspective in the organization. 

The Disaster recovery process depends on the size of the organization, basically understanding the user count and future growth, also workload type. DR planning also comes with documentation, poor DR will be leading to a bad experience. IT personnel must be trained well for DR management and must be made capable of taking the right decision. As the organization grows the data also stores up and is an increasing process. Meanwhile, collecting and aggregating the same data and creating a centralized view for all who are accessing the same, also map the dependency and data gap is a must. 

Holding back and delaying the process of imbibing the data recovery tool into the system will not be healthy for an organization and, hence the expenditure on the same is an asset to the organization and not merely an expense. Data recovery tools must be considered as a part of the infrastructure in IT architecture. Understanding the dependency is a must, dependency may be applied to service or application to infrastructure or application to application. Upstream and downstream dependency must also be checked and considered in the IT infrastructure. 

Running the tests of the failover scenario will be a direct assessment of the sequence and estimated time to resolve the issue. An analysis report of required time and actual time must be studied and, this will guide effective recovery planning. It’s a learning process to the Team as well as the IT. The Road map for the IT must be reviewed and updated time and again, with the incorporation of new cloud mapping technology. 

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you are not part of the steamroller, you are part of the road – Stewart Brand.

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