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Esports – Influencing the Generation and benefiting the Brands

Esports - Influencing the Generation and benefiting the Brands

June 22, 2020: eSports is gaining popularity in fitness, yoga, art, and craft but majorly gaming. Already the Esport market is flooded amidst this gaining popularity and, monetization is a tall order. People who are engaged in this have hankering for a particular type of game or features, hence the developers must understand the need of the consumers. Getting maximum insights is a priority to satisfy consumer desires. Also, the best platform for marketing is social media.

 There are quite popular gamers who are active on Public platform who have a huge fan base of millions. They also go live to have conversations with their fan base. This live conversation helps to know the pulse of the market for the developers. 

Many established brands have partnered with these to reach out to their customers, vice versa can work as well to establish a new game. Esports can also be used for a cause, to benefit society. Since the gamers are the influencers, a social message can reach the young generation via these. Also, it is in direct marketing as the customers will feel that Esport is also helping for a social cause. Reaching the customers is easier for esports than for any brand. The younger generation these days is more influenced by the trend on social media, and brand followed by their influencer could be their favorite brand in no time. Research has proved that fans are more receptive to brands followed by their influencers.

The Esport gamers also endorse the brand products and exhibit in the live streaming or at the gaming events. Also, online gaming events attract more audiences in recent times, and in this pandemic, it’s even a larger lot. Many brands sponsor these events as a part of their marketing, this also is indirect marketing for the Esports. eSports community is a huge community and they value the authentic brand which paves a way to the eSports culture.

Millennials are no more interested in traditional marketing methodology and are best reached via their environment. Also not to forget there are around 40% of the products in the market accessed majorly by the millennials. Most of the brands also advertise in the live streaming platform via video clips, overlay banners as well as in the form of influencer reviews or unboxing. There is also provision for advertisement in the live stream window. Knowing the feel of the public is a must for marketing, like the victory of the favorite team where the community will be at their emotional high, for example, to design a jersey or to buy a mask. 

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time

– Henry Ford.

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