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Companies are adopting IoT to find new revenue streams and improve margins. For example, industrial machinery manufacturers are selling results, like machine-hours, rather than just products. IoT is also helping businesses increase their operational effectiveness by enabling them to monitor assets on a real-time basis. For instance, tracking shipping containers for temperature differences that could affect the character using battery-powered sensors and 4G LTE connectivity. Their enterprise IoT solutions can help users automate their processes, be imminent in their productivity, and gain aggressive advantage.

The Internet of Things is here and thriving. [x]cube leveraged its leadership in digital modernization and expertise in mobile, wearable, big data, and other empowering technologies to build robust information over the Internet of Things. We help businesses tap into their data currents, connect them to the cloud, combine it with their back-end systems, and enable machine-to-machine information to build a unified system.

A system that can optimize methods, scale-up revenue and productivity, glean penetrations from data to predict customer behavior patterns, and help businesses make more informed decisions – while enabling discovery and transformation in ways couldn’t believe before.

[x]cube developed a full cycle’ Internet of Things’ platform – MobiusLoop connecting experiences gained from developing and stationing over 50 Internet of Things solutions. From providing IoT solutions for smart homes, developing connected cars to improving healthcare organizations build a connected ecosystem — MobiusLoop can be the bedrock for innovation and perfection for clients business. [x]cube LABS, a division of PurpleTalk Inc., is a master in digital innovation and strategy consulting. Founded in 2008, we are born digital with deep expertise in all things digital – Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud, wearables & IoT. They have delivered over 700 solutions across industries, gained 25+ International awards, worked with 500+ clients & built value over $2.0 bn for our clients. [x]cube is also one of the first 12 companies globally to be recognized by Google as a Certified Developer Partner.

[x]cube is a different institution. It holds under one roof over 600 geeks, scalability media, UI geniuses, machine learning dreamers, and so on. They believe “People” are our biggest asset and always support them to be who they are. Employee-friendly policies, including decision-making, the excitement of working for Fortune clients, global publicity, and an infinite growth curve – gives the people a perfect reason to say Thank God it’s Monday!

Their clients include GE, Amazon, Honeywell, Sharp, TTI, Pulsara, Advocare, McIntosh, DreamWorks, tradeMONSTER, UHG, etc. In an instance, Vios Medical is recognized for their innovative products that use IoT sensors, remote monitoring services, and a big data strategy to profitably manage the oversight of patients across the complete continuum of care, and automate routine patient clinical workflows. Driven by their innovative spirit, they required to go one step further and develop a futuristic real-time bedside monitoring explication that complies with legendary healthcare standard specifications and performs value-added services for Vios’s partner hospitals.

They approached [x]cube with their specifications. With robust expertise in implementing digital solutions and having partnered with commanding healthcare brands to leverage IoT and other digital technologies, their team was well equipped for creating a customized solution that addresses their specific challenges and individual needs. [x]cube developed a unique HIPAA-compliant mobile-based monitoring method that can catch the patient’s vital signs, including heart rate, pulse rate, respiratory frequency, and temperature via a sensor connected to the patient’s body. The data from the sensors is then transferred, in real-time, to the desktop monitor at the Nurses’ station, and in event of any emergency, the caregiver is alerted. The monitoring system permits hospitals to work further efficiently with limited resources and to support more patients.


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“[x]cube developed a full cycle’ Internet of Things’ platform - MobiusLoop connecting experiences gained from developing and stationing over 50 Internet of Things solutions”

Bharath Lingam


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