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The globe’s first ‘significant afloat current ranch’ is powering up

The globe's first 'significant afloat current ranch' is powering up

November 22, 2022: -A facility described as the world’s most significant floating wind farm produced its first power, with more turbines ready to come online before the year ends.

On Monday, Norwegian energy company Equinor, better known for its work in the gas industry, the power production from Hywind Tampen’s beginning wind turbine took place Sunday.

Meanwhile, the wind is a renewable energy source; Hywind Tampen will help power assignments in oil and gas fields in the North Sea. Equinor added that the Hywind Tampen’s initial power is being sent to the Gullfaks oil and gas field.

“I am proud that we began production at Hywind Tampen, Norway’s first and the world’s biggest floating wind farm,” Geir Tungesvik, Equinor’s vice president for projects, drilling and procurement, added.

“This is a unique project, the starting wind farm in the world that powers that produce oil and gas installations.”

Hywind Tampen is located around 140 kilometres (86.9 miles) off the coast of Norway, in depths starting from 260 to 300 meters.

Seven of the turbines are slated to visit on stream in 2022, with the remaining four installed in 2023. Equinor added that it would have a system capable of 88 megawatts when complete.

Alongside Equinor, the different companies involved in the assignment are Vår Energi, INPEX Idemitsu, Wintershall Dea and OMV.

Equinor stated that Hywind Tampon was expected to meet almost 35% of the Gullfaks and Snorre fields’ electricity. “This will cut CO2 emissions regarding the fields by 200,000 tonnes every year,” the company confirmed.

Using a floating wind farm to support power in producing fossil fuels sparks controversy.

The United Nations stated that, since the 19th century, “human activities are able the main driver of climate change, primarily because of burning fossil fuels, for instance, coal, oil and gas.”

In conversation at the COP27 climate transfer summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the U.N. Secretary-General issued stark attention to attendees in the previous week.

“We are fighting our lives, and we are lost,” Antonio Guterres said. “Greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing, the temperatures keep increasing, and our planet is fast contacting tipping points that will make climate chaos irreversible.”

The globe’s first ‘significant afloat current ranch’ is powering up