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The Bed Bath & Beyond CFO committed suicide, – Report

The medical examiner states that Bed Bath & Beyond's CFO passed by suicide

September 6, 2022: -Bed Bath & Beyond said its chief financial officer, Gustavo Arnal, died Friday after police had said earlier that Arnal fell to his death.

On Sunday, the New York City medical examiner’s office added that the executive died from multiple direct trauma and had taken his own life. Arnal left no note behind and did not say anything to his wife, who was home at the time, sources told WNBC.

“This shocking loss profoundly saddens the entire Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. organization,” the company added.

Arnal, aged 52, on Friday afternoon from a facility in downtown Manhattan, according to police. The iconic building, known locally as the “Jenga Tower” or the “Jenga Building,” has more than 50 floors of uniquely piled flats.

Emergency Medical Services showed Arnal deceased on the scene, according to a spokesperson from New York’s Office of the Deputy Commissioner, the public information officer for the city’s police department.

Arnal joined Bed Bath in 2020 from London-based cosmetics company Avon, just after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. He also spent 20 years at Procter & Gamble.

In Bed Bath’s statement on Sunday, the group noted that Arnal “was instrumental in driving the community throughout the coronavirus pandemic.”

Since joining Bed Bath, Arnal has made several purchases and sales of company stock. Last month, he sold more than 55,000 shares at prices ranging from $20 per share to $29.95 per share, for a total of $1.23 million, according to a filing.

Those sales were made as part of a trading plan he had signed in April. The document also noted he still held 255,396 shares after those latest sales.

The Bed Bath & Beyond CFO committed suicide, – Report