SpaceX and T-Mobile use Starlink satellites to alleviate dead zones

SpaceX and T-Mobile operate Starlink satellites to ‘end walking finished zones

September 01, 2022: -SpaceX founder Elon Musk and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert added that their companies are working to “end mobile dead zones” and will launch a new mobile service enabled by Starlink second-generation satellites and T-Mobile bandwidth.

Starlink is comprised of a network of satellites that SpaceX has launched into low Earth orbit and designed to deliver high-speed internet in remote establishments across the globe. SpaceX has launched more than 2,700 satellites to keep this network.

On Thursday night at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica, Texas, Sievert said T-Mobile would be saving a “slice of its mid-band PCS spectrum” to be incorporated into Starlink satellites is launching in the coming year.

T-Mobile users will be able to utilize messaging, MMS, and specific messaging apps from small points across the lower 48 states, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, and even some remote issues in the water.

Eventually, the service will work with, state, Sievert said. T-Mobile plans to include the service in its famous mobile plans but does not disclose specific pricing.

Musk said the benefit would work with Starlink’s second-generation satellites, which include giant antennae and can transmit directly to a cell or mobile phone.

The service won’t require mobile users to obtain a new phone. Musk said the planned service should operate even if all the cell buildings are removed in or after a natural catastrophe.

Musk specified, “This won’t have the kind of bandwidth a Starlink terminal will have, but this will enable texting, it will enable images, and if there aren’t too many people in the compartment zone, you can even potentially have a little bit of video.” He added, “We will no longer read about these tragedies where people got lost, an if only they could have called for help, they’d be ok.”

T-Mobile will even offer “reciprocal roaming,” so visitors to the US from outside the country can use the assistance if they partner with SpaceX to enable this service globally. Musk and Sievert invited carriers overseas to join their alliance.

On Thursday, shares of T-Mobile locked up by a moment at $147.07 and were trending slightly higher after hours.


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SpaceX and T-Mobile use Starlink satellites to alleviate dead zones