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Russia could be withdrawing its armies from one area of Ukraine

Russia could be withdrawing its armies from one area of Ukraine

October 24, 2022: -As Russian authorities persist in massively evacuating civilians from occupied Kherson in southern Ukraine, defense analysts trust that the movement of people set the scene for Moscow to take back its troops from a considerable part of the region.

Up to 60,000 civilians expect to be evacuated in the coming few days from the western part of the Kherson region, on the right-hand side of the Dnipro River, to the eastern bank of the river with residents said then to travel to different Russia-occupied parts.

Residents were told to evacuate Kherson after Russian-installed officers warned them that Ukraine was preparing to launch a large-scale offensive. Like them, Ukraine has decried evacuations to deportations and told residents not to comply.

Vladimir Saldo, the region’s Russian-installed acting governor, claimed that the left was necessary as Ukraine was “building up forces for a large-scale offensive,” and Russia wanted to protect its citizens. Meanwhile, his deputy, Kirill Stremousov, said on Tuesday Telegram, “very shortly, the battle for Kherson will start.”

“We cannot rule out that Kherson and the right (west) bank (of the Dnipro River) of Kherson region are coming under shelling,” Stremousov said Wednesday. On Thursday, he speaks Russian forces had repelled four attempts by Ukrainian armies to “breakthrough in the Kherson direction.”

For its part, Ukraine has disagreed with the preface to the evacuations, which says that Russia is pushing to scare civilians and uses the evacuation as “propaganda.”

General Sergey Surovikin, the recently made commander of Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine, shares Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine as “tense,” which said that “further actions and about the city of Kherson is depending on the increasing military-tactical situation, which is not easy.”

More enigmatically, he added said. “We will act consciously, promptly, without ruling out difficult decisions,” he said but refused to talk more.

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Russia could be withdrawing its armies from one area of Ukraine