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Private Jet Entrepreneur will be launching The Next Hypercar

Private Jet Entrepreneur will be launching The Next Hypercar

May 27, 2020: The vision of providing traveler the best experience and service in the industry was the USP when Ameerh Naran aimed of starting the private Jet company called Vimana Private Jets four years back. With the success of his private jets never stopped his dream and, currently, he speaks on what is his next move. Ameerh is going to launch the next-hypercar in august of this year with a 5ltr twin-turbo engine with 1048hp as he releases the first look of the car here- Naran Automotive.

Lack of financing could not take the racing career of young Naran. He studied Industrial product and automotive design with Ian Callum from Jaguar and Adrian Van from BMW to whom he had approached at the age of 14 for advice in the career within the automotive industry. But he never opted for the internship offered by both of them thinking it would take a lifetime to come to a position of starting his car manufacturing.

Naran ended up a career in the Private Jet Industry through a friend introducing him to the company called Halcyon Jets. The company offered him a right to run the private jets in Africa but refused with the arrangements, then he entered to the CEO of Blue Star jets with all the arrangements and, this lit up his career with advice some industry expert and had a successful career which later let him open his company Vimana.

His dream in his career was always when he gets into starting and manufacturing his cars “Now I am finally at that point” says Naran.

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