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Post Pandemic- Digital First is the news agenda

Post Pandemic- Digital First is the news agenda

July 27, 2020: The post-pandemic or the current situation is with the rule of digital-first wherein we have focused on getting everything done using digital technology. The future agenda because of the pandemic is the digital-first. Life has changed by adopting these technologies in the current situation.

Restaurant seating: We see limited seats in the restaurants as per the rule of social distancing and, the restaurants are moving digitally where in, we have to book the seats before coming. The menu and ordering would move digitally, where you be there and, you have everything requested on the table before we could waste time in ordering.

Doctors Visits: We cannot directly visit the doctors in the current situation and, the appointment scheduling app that previously used is adopted extensively. Where in the clinic appointment is scheduled, and you need to book before entering into the doctor’s clinic that helps follow the social distancing and other protocols.

Telehealth / Telemedicine: The need for doctors everywhere seen, and the current situation has doubled the request for doctors’ help. The patients are not able to move to doctors’ clinics and hospitals very often telehealth and telemedicine are adopted extensively.

Retail shopping: The eCommerce market sale has increased by 165% in the last three months compared to the previous year. When there is no other option to visit the shop and purchase, people are relying on the online retail stores for their daily needs and, this will see the change in the future by the retails giants.

Many other sectors are moving digitally in every possible way and, current and future situations will make the people forcefully adopt the technologies in daily life.

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