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Pentagon has purchased SpaceX with Ukraine contract for Starlink satellite internet

June 5, 2023: The Pentagon stated it has decided to buy Starlink satellite internet terminals from Elon Musk’s SpaceX for use in Ukraine as Kyiv resumes fighting off a complete-scale Russian invasion.

“We are working with many global partners to ensure Ukraine has the necessary satellite and communication capabilities. Satellite communications form a strong layer in Ukraine’s overall communications network, and the department contracts with Starlink for services of this kind,” the Pentagon stated.

The Pentagon declined to offer more contract details, including the price, scope, and delivery timeline.

“For operational security reasons and because of the critical nature of these systems, we do not have additional information regarding specific goods, contracts, or partners to provide at this time,” the statement added.

The first Starlink terminals in Ukraine arrived four days after Russian troops poured over the nation’s border in what became the most significant atmosphere, land, and sea assault in Europe since World War II.

Ukraine’s digital pastor Mykhailo Fedorov, who had previously asked Musk for the capability on Twitter, posted that Starlink was “here” in Ukraine, with a photo showing more than two dozen boxes in the back of a truck.

Musk said in October that SpaceX couldn’t continue funding Starlink terminals in the country out of its coffers “indefinitely” after a report from CNN said the company had asked the Pentagon to cover the cost.

Western officials have hailed Musk’s decision to equip Ukraine with Starlink internet, citing the colossal and indiscriminate Russian shelling on civilian infrastructure that has left large swaths of the country without communications.

Though, in October, Musk reportedly told the Pentagon he would no longer finance the Starlink terminals in Ukraine as the country prepared to fight through the harsh winter months. The billionaire later offered a reversal.

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Pentagon has purchased SpaceX with Ukraine contract for Starlink satellite internet