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Nissan to be attentive to electric automobiles in Europe

September 26, 2023: On Monday, Japanese automaker Nissan revealed its dedication to transitioning to completely electric vehicles, to market electric cars by 2030 solely. This announcement comes shortly after the UK postponed its gasoline and diesel car sales ban from 2030 to 2035.

 Nissan’s President and CEO, Makoto Uchida, emphasized their determination to move forward with this target, citing its alignment with their business objectives, customer interests, and environmental responsibility.

Nissan reports that over one-third of the over 1 million electric vehicles it has sold globally have been in Europe.

Their global plan includes launching 27 electric and hybrid cars, including 19 all-electric models, by 2030. While Nissan was an early player in the electric vehicle market, it has faced competition from companies like Tesla and China’s BYD.

In addition to expanding its electric vehicle lineup, Nissan aims to decrease the cost of EV batteries by 65% by fiscal 2028 by incorporating cobalt-free technology. They also plan to introduce a vehicle featuring all-solid-state batteries by the same year, which is expected to reduce charging times significantly.

Nissan’s partners, Renault, Ford, and Stellantis, have also committed to electrifying their European passenger vehicle offerings by 2030.

 However, the UK’s decision to delay the 2030 sales target drew criticism from Ford UK Chair Lisa Brankin, who expressed concerns about diverting attention from EV growth.

Notably, Nissan confirmed that one of its upcoming electric vehicles would be manufactured at its Sunderland plant in the UK. Uchida highlighted the significance of this plant, citing its history, cost competitiveness, and alignment with Nissan’s electrification strategy.

Uchida acknowledged the evolving and challenging nature of the automotive industry worldwide, particularly in China, where Nissan intends to accelerate car projects and introduce new models tailored to the preferences of typical consumers.

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Nissan to be attentive to electric automobiles in Europe