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Musk said that Twitter is launching a ‘Verified’ service next week with a ‘gold check’ for companies

Musk said that Twitter is launching a Verified service next week with a 'gold check' for companies

November 28, 2022: On Friday, Elon Musk said in a tweet that Twitter would launch its delayed “Verified” service in the coming week with different coloured checks depending on the type of account.

The Twitter CEO added that there would be a “gold check” for companies, a grey-coloured one for government accounts and the existing blue one for individuals if they are celebrities or not.

Musk said all verified accounts would be “manually authenticated” before the check was activated.

The billionaire is known in the movie “Painful but necessary.”

Musk’s comments come after he was to pause the $8 per month Twitter Blue service, allowing anyone to pay the subscription for the blue verification tick following users are abusing the system by impersonating brands and incredible people.

On Monday, the CEO said that Twitter is delaying the relaunch of its $8 per month Blue Verified service. Similarly, Musk said Twitter will “probably use [a] different colour check for organizations than individuals.”

Now he has given details on what that could look like.

Musk had earlier added that he planned to launch Twitter Blue on November 29. Musk’s latest timeline puts the relaunch on December 2.

The subscription service is Musk’s attempt to find a revenue stream at Twitter as several of the billionaire’s controversial shakeups at the social media company.

Musk has fired thousands of workers at Twitter and asked the remaining workers to commit to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave.

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Musk said that Twitter is launching a ‘Verified’ service next week with a ‘gold check’ for companies