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Moderna shares decrease despite good data from a cancer vaccine trial

April 18, 2023: On Monday, Shares of Moderna decreased as Wall Street chewed over the recent trial results on the personalized cancer vaccine. It is increasing with Merck.

Merck’s shares were essentially flat.

The experimental mRNA vaccine, combined with Merck’s blockbuster drug Keytruda, slashed the risk of recurrence of skin cancer melanoma by 44% in comparison to Keytruda alone, the firms said in their first detailed presentation of results from a critical phase two trial.

The companies said that 80% of players who received the vaccine and Keytruda stayed cancer-free for 18 months stated, the 62% of participants who only received Keytruda. They added that side issues with the vaccine were mild, with fatigue being the most common.

Those results, which presents at an American Association for Cancer Research in Florida, add to the starting results on the treatment combination released in December.

The results stated that the vaccine in combination with Keytruda “may be a novel state of potentially which extends the lives of patients with high-problems melanoma, Dr Kyle Holen, the head of increase of Moderna, therapeutics and oncology, stated in a press release. Moderna and Merck said they would initiate a phase three trial in 2023 and “rapidly expand” their research studying the treatment’s effect on additional tumour types, including lung cancer.

Wall Street discusses the news with a mix of cautious optimism and doubt.

Analysts from SVB Securities stated that the results suggest the personalized cancer vaccine states promise. But they wrote in a Sunday note that the cure’s path to approval is recent and untested, adding that the company does not believe accelerated approval is an option.

The Food and Drug Administration’s accelerated approval positions permit faster drug clearance for severe conditions that fill an unmet medical need.

On Monday, Wolfe Research analyst Tim Anderson said many Moderna and Merck stakeholders stay “cautiously optimistic at best” about the chances of the cancer vaccine-Keytruda combination.

He said that the treatment combination was reasonably high going into the weekend. However, he noted there are still plenty of cancer vaccine sceptics due to a “long history of failures in this space.”

Wells Fargo analyst Mohit Bansal said he’s expressing “cautious optimism” regarding the treatment combination. In a Sunday note, Bansal is to “trial imbalances” that potentially produce more favourable results for the personalized cancer vaccine.

He said those imbalances warrant waiting for over data on the treatment.

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Moderna shares decrease despite good data from a cancer vaccine trial