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Microsoft acquires CyberX to increase security in Azure IoT Business

Microsoft acquires CyberX to increase security in Azure IoT Business

July 9, 2020: The tech giants are using the economic slowdown more fruitfully by focusing on acquiring startups to achieve their long-term goals. CyberX is a security startup that is expertized in detecting, predicting, and stopping security breaches only in the IoT application. Microsoft confirms the buy to improve their long term goal and provide security for Azure IoT.

“CyberX will complement the existing Azure IoT security capabilities, and extends to existing devices including those used in industrial IoT, Operational Technology and infrastructure scenarios,” said Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, CVP, CTO, Cloud + AI Security, and Sam George, CVP, Cloud + AI Azure IoT in a blog post. “With CyberX, customers can discover their existing IoT assets, and both manage and improve the security posture of those devices.”

The deal was in conversation from February and went cold in the latter days. The initial amount was about $150million, and the current price has not yet disclosed. The sources mention the closure amount of the deal is $165 million. 

In recent days Microsoft is focused more on two areas, cybersecurity, and IT services for a large organization. The prime focus is on providing AI-based cybersecurity that will help the organization detect the next generation threats.

Microsoft has invested approximately $5billion in the area of IoT and providing a security solution for large-organizations. CyberX has a customer base from Oil and Gas, Chemical manufacturers, Automobile, Telecom companies where the process includes no much human touch. The solutions manage and detect the threats continuously through the various platform and the network. The acquisition is an added advantage for Microsoft to focus more on the IoT solution they provide.

All the employees with Co-Founder will be joining Microsoft in the present deal. The in-depth solutions to manage IoT platforms will help the company achieve more towards the customized solutions for the end-users. 

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