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Leading the Future – Artificial Intelligence

Leading the Future Artificial Intelligence

Leading the Future – Artificial Intelligence

We humans, learn from things and people around, and most often it’s just nothing but adaptive learning. A learning process is always the one that is beneficial for survival, and it’s always the Survival of the Fittest. The fit Technology will survive the Market after the pandemic considering the futuristic approach. The self-learning process of machinery is nothing but Artificial Intelligence in simpler terms. Artificial Intelligence(AI) mimics Human Intelligence in depths. In this pandemic when the outbreak is tremendous and alarming, AI will act for our benefit. Developing an AI in this current scenario is the need of the hour.

AI is currently a helping hand in the field of medical technology. AI helps in analyzing the symptoms of the disease. Developing a chatbot for psychological analysis to treat the patients is a better alternative where the patients can open up based on a series of questionnaires, and AI will help in-depth analysis. AI can also replace doctors in interaction with the patients. AI-driven robots will help in interaction with infected patients and help to treat them so that no life is risked. Also in modern-day Cyber Crime is the greatest challenge. Every security system is hacked, not only with Human Intelligence but also with Artificial AI.

A very well developed AI can provide security from cybercrimes. Also, coming to the education sector which is at a halt currently developing an analysis to research the market to know the need of children and developing strategic planning would be a big hit. The AI-driven analysis will be an add-on benefit for any product that hits the market, or to understand the feel of the market before launching the product. Most of the industries as of now are in a standstill. AI will help you get a detailed analysis of what can be the business that will have a breakthrough in a tremendous way. We can provide the market for whatever is the mere necessity.

AI can be looped in many aspects. It can help in the tedious rounds of the interview a company must go through for hiring. It can help a child with slow learning abilities to like learning, even more. It can be helping hand to a cosmetic brand to feel the customers need, it can be an aid to help a teacher to analyze the performance of the child- it must be just a click away because that’s what we need.

It’s going to be interesting to see how society deals with Artificial Intelligence, but it will be cool – Colin Angle (Co-founder, iRobot).


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