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Johnson & Johnson plans to have 100 million vaccines for Americans

Johnson & Johnson plans to have 100 million vaccines for Americans

January 25, 2021: Johnson & Johnson board member Dr. Mark McClellan said, “if the clinical trial works out,” the company could significantly increase the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine supply available within the coming weeks.

 Johnson & Johnson has enough data regarding its vaccine to begin analysis in the coming week or two, Dr. Fauci said on Thursday.

 The important thing for the company’s vaccine is the large-scale clinical trial underway now, said McClellan.

“The independent scientists who are viewing that study should be taking a close look very shortly based on the results, and we’ll see how fast the vaccine could go forward,” McClellan said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. averaged 883,000 jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine per day. However, under 50% of the 37,960,000 doses distributed have made their way into people’s arms. Minimum 12 states have reported vaccine shortages.

McClellan noted that the supply should increase, but probably not enough to keep up with many Americans wanting to get vaccinated.

“It’s going to be challenging, but I think the supply will be there over the next couple of months to vaccinate even more than 100 million Americans,” said McClellan.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden promised a “full-scale, wartime effort” to fight against the deadly pandemic and start vaccine production using the Defense Production Act.

“We’ve already identified suppliers and are working with them to move the plan forward,” Biden said.

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