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Ford reveals the Lincoln Star electric SUV concept

Ford reveals the Lincoln Star electric SUV concept

April 25, 2022: -Ford Motor is planning to introduce four new electric vehicles into its Lincoln lineup by 2026 as the once-dominant American luxury brand reinvents its focus on EVs.

On Wednesday, the recent vehicles were announced alongside revealing a new concept EV known as the Lincoln Star. According to company executives, the concept marks new design and technology directions for the brand.

“As Lincoln enters the coming chapter in our transition to a zero-emissions future, the Lincoln Star Concept will lead the way for our portfolio of completely electric vehicles,” Lincoln President Joy Falotico said. “It is an excellent example of redefining luxury for the next generation as we work to transform the vehicle into a third space, a true place of sanctuary for our clients,” Lincoln added.

The Lincoln Star will be a crossover SUV with a smooth exterior design and panoramic windows. Much of the vehicle badging is in lights rather than traditional physical logos.

The interior is where the vehicle is significantly different compared with Lincoln’s current lineup of cars, which includes a significant Navigator SUV and a few crossovers in the U.S.

The Star includes a large screen across the instrument panel and a retractable steering wheel that can be stowed away. The car’s two front seats can rotate to face the rear seats, providing a lounge-like setting.

The Star also features three “rejuvenation moods” that change the vehicle’s cabin’s audio, lighting, and even smell. The moods are Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, and Evening Chill.

Automakers routinely use concept vehicles to gauge customer interest or show the future direction of a car or brand. The cars are not meant to be sold to consumers.

The recent Lincoln EVs could provide a much-needed boost for the brand. Lincoln expects EVs to reach over half of its global volume by mid-decade and 90% of its North American sales by 2030.

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Ford reveals the Lincoln Star electric SUV concept