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Ford revealed a sleek, futuristic vision car to showcase the concept for its Lincoln luxury label

Ford revealed a sleek, futuristic vision car to showcase the concept for its Lincoln luxury label

August 22, 2022: -Ford Motor disclosed a sleek, futuristic idea car to showcase the company’s vision for its Lincoln luxury brand on Thursday.

Ford stated that the Model L100 concept pays homage to Lincoln’s 1922 Model L, the carmaker’s luxury vehicle while showcasing its vision of what an electric, independent luxury car could look like from the century-old brand.

“Concept vehicles allow us to reimagine and illustrate how new experiences can come to life with the help of advanced technologies and allow our designers more creative freedom than ever before,” said Anthony Lo, Ford’s chief design officer, in a release.

The vehicle is not meant for production or to be sold to consumers. Automakers routinely use concept vehicles to gauge customer interest, generate attention or show the future direction of a car or brand.

If it were to be made in the future, the company refused to release the concept’s targeted performance or electric range or such a vehicle.

The concept is a smart fastback with 360-degree glass around the top of the vehicle and large, prominent wheels and tires. Similar to a previous crossover concept earlier this year, Lincoln badging is illuminated on the vehicle in place of physical emblems.

Like futuristic concepts from other automakers, doors and roofs open outward from the back, permitting easier entry and egress.

Inside the car are loungelike seating and a large screen for the center control. The company has a “jewel-inspired chess piece controller” that replaces the steering wheel. The interior is modular, allowing for changes in seating configurations.



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Ford revealed a sleek, futuristic vision car to showcase the concept for its Lincoln luxury label